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2008 Releases

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12/29/2008 Israeli Response to Hamas Justified, B’nai B’rith International Supports Israel’s Defensive Move
12/10/2008 Remembering Two Key Humanitarian Anniversaries at the United Nations
12/04/2008 Letter of Condolence Sent After Hostages Are Killed at India Jewish Center
11/21/2008 BBI Urges OAS to Highlight the Fight Against Anti-Semitism
11/21/2008 B’nai B’rith International Supports Israel’s Decision To Forego Racism Conference
11/14/2008 BBI Joins Member Of Parliament Casaca In Questioning European Parliament Strategy On Iran
11/07/2008 BBI Commemorates Kristallnacht’s 70th Anniversary
11/05/2008 BBI Congratulates President-Elect Obama
10/31/2008 BBI Delegation Meets with Pope Benedict XVI
10/27/2008 BBI Condemns Grave Desecration in Bucharest
10/23/2008 BBI Points Out Real Anti-Racism Concerns At Durban Prep Meeting
10/13/2008 B’nai B’rith Celebrates 165!
10/13/2008 BBI Airs Concerns at Durban Prep Meeting
09/26/2008 BBI Appalled at European Union Talks with Hezbollah
09/24/2008 BBI, Fernandez Seek Justice in AIMA Bombing
09/17/2008 B’nai B’rith Hosts International Terrorism Seminar in Brussels
09/11/2008 BBI, NGOs Mark 60th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights
09/05/2008 BBI and IsraAID Feed Georgian Refugees
09/03/2008 BBI Opens Fund for Victims of Gustav
09/03/2008 B’nai B’rith Hosts Latin American Children’s Cancer Symposium
08/13/2008 BBI Joins Jewish Leaders Urging Immediate End to Georgian Conflict
08/08/2008 Argentine President Pledges to Fight Anti-Semitism
08/08/2008 BBI Hosts Groundbreaking Argentine Forum on Anti-Semitism
07/30/2008 Israeli Ambassador Gillerman Leaves Rich Legacy at the U.N.
07/29/2008 B’nai B’rith Mourns the Loss of June Walker, Chair of the Conference of Presidents
07/29/2008 B’nai B’rith Expresses Condolences to Goldwasser, Regev Families
07/25/2008 BBI Hosts French Ambassador for Remarks on EU Presidency
07/21/2008 Lithuania’s New Jewish Concerns
07/17/2008 BBI Remembers Victims of AMIA Terror Attack in Argentina
07/03/2008 BBI Condemns Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem
07/01/2008 McCain, Wexler (for Obama) Address BBI
07/01/2008 Lithuanian PM Urged to Resolve Holocaust Property Issues
07/01/2008 Presbyterians’ Effort To Pursue Balance On Israel Encouraging
06/30/2008 Surprising Results in World Jewry Poll
06/30/2008 Prime Minister Harper Awarded B’nai B’rith Presidential Gold Medallion for Humanitarianism
06/26/2008 Canadian Prime Minister Harper To Address B’nai B’rith Gathering In Ottawa
06/19/2008 BBI Addresses Human Rights Council
06/13/2008 Presbyterian Church Moves Backward on Jewish Relations
06/04/2008 BBI President Helps Cuba Chapter Celebrate Anniversary
06/02/2008 BBI President Urges OAS to Fight Against Discrimination and Religious Intolerance
06/02/2008 BBI Asserts: No Room for Bible Burning
05/15/2008 BBI Ongoing Response to Disaster in Myanmar
05/14/2008 Outrageous Terror Attack in Israel During Bush Visit
05/06/2008 B’nai B’rith Opens Disaster Relief Fund for Aid to Myanmar  
05/06/2008 BBI and the Jewish Community Observe Yom Hashoah
05/02/2008 BBI Praises United Methodist Church Rejection of Anti-Israel Divestment
05/02/2008 B’nai B’rith Rejects Call for Jewish Groups to Boycott Olympics
04/25/2008 Latvian President Meets with Top B’nai B’rith Leaders
04/25/2008 Key Israel 60th Anniversary Celebrations Include B’nai B’rith Leaders
04/18/2008 BBI’s Director of Intercommunal Affairs Meets Pope Benedict XVI
04/10/2008 Jimmy Carter Set to Meet With Terrorist Group
04/08/2008 BBI Meets with Costa Rican Government
04/08/2008 Albright Addresses B’nai B’rith Audience
03/28/2008 BBI World Center Awards Journalism Prizes
03/19/2008 Focus on Black-Jewish Relations
03/13/2008 B’nai B’rith Opens Israel Emergency Fund
03/11/2008 Longtime B’nai B’rith Cuba Leader Isaac Rousso Dies