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2012 Releases

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12/31/2012     B’nai B’rith Condemns Placement of Hitler Statue in Holocaust-Era Warsaw Ghetto
12/26/2012     B’nai B’rith Supports Hungary’s Effort to Penalize Hate Speech in Parliament
12/18/2012     B’nai B’rith Mourns the Loss of Sen. Daniel Inouye
12/17/2012     B’nai B’rith Plays Instrumental Role in Responding to Intolerance in Hungary
12/17/2012     B’nai B’rith Calls for Reinstatement of Assault Weapons Ban
12/14/2012     B’nai B’rith Offers Condolences after Newtown, Conn. School Shooting
12/14/2012     B’nai B’rith Leadership Meets with Heads of Greek-American Community
12/14/2012     B’nai B’rith Attends Review Session At Organization Of American States, Recommends Strategies To Fight Anti-Semitism
12/12/2012     B’nai B’rith Praises Anti-Defamation Commission’s Response To Anti-Semitic Cartoon
12/06/2012     B’nai B’rith Condemns Ecuadorian President’s Comments on AMIA Bombing
12/04/2012     B’nai B’rith Welcomes Christian Figures’ Positive Statement on Middle East
12/03/2012     B’nai B’rith Magazine Examines Jewish-Muslim Relations In America
11/29/2012     U.N. Vote in Favor of Unilateral Palestinian Upgrade Bid Undermines Prospects for Peace, Circumvents Need for Agreement with Israel
11/28/2012     B’nai B’rith Outraged Over Hungarian Politician’s Proposal of Anti-Semitic Policy
11/28/2012     B’nai B’rith Commemorates 74 Anniversary Of Kristallnacht Throughout Latin America
11/26/2012     Jewish Soccer Fans Of London Team Targeted In Anti-Semitic Attacks
11/21/2012     Gilad Shalit Highlights 6th B’nai B’rith Young Jewish Adult Forum
11/21/2012     B’nai B’rith Welcomes Cease-Fire Between Israel and Hamas
11/21/2012     B’nai B’rith Condemns Tel Aviv Bus Bombing
11/20/2012     B’nai B’rith International Announces Israel Emergency Fund In Response To Gaza Situation
11/16/2012     Mahmoud Abbas’ Latest U.N. Statehood Effort Demonstrates Lack of Commitment to Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations
11/14/2012     After Barrage of Hamas Rockets into Israel, IDF Self-Defense Strike Against Hamas Leader Justified
11/07/2012     B’nai B’rith Congratulates President Obama On His Re-Election
11/05/2012     Permanence of Yiddish Language—A Symposium
11/01/2012     B’nai B’rith Honors Leaders In Banking And Finance With Distinguished Achievement Award
10/30/2012     B’nai B’rith International Opens Disaster Relief Fund to Aid Victims of Massive  Hurricane Sandy
10/29/2012     Argentina again Meets with Iran in Troubling Renewal of Relationship
10/26/2012     B’nai B’rith Says U.N. Rapporteur’s Call For Boycotts Represent Anti-Israel Discrimination, Affront To Peace

B’nai B’rith Applauds European Parliament Approval of New Israeli Trade Agreement
10/25/2012     YOU CAN LEARN A LOT FROM A DRAGON: B’nai B’rith International Diverse Minds Youth Writing Challenge Returns to Washington, D.C.

Small Cost of Living Increase for Social Security Recipients Not Enough to Help Most Seniors

10/17/2012     B’nai B’rith Calls On E.U. To Cancel Tehran Trip
10/15/2012     B’nai B’rith Mourns the Loss of Arlen Specter
10/12/2012     B’nai B’rith Deeply Concerned by Christian Leaders Call for Investigation
10/05/2012     South America-Arab Summit on Economic Cooperation Veers Off Course with Focus on Israel
10/03/2012     Meeting Between Iran and Argentina Troubling
10/03/2012     B’nai B’rith Condemns Attack on Jewish Community Center in Sweden
09/28/2012     At U.N., Abbas Slanders Israel, Circumvents Negotiations with Dead-End “Non-Member” Bid
09/20/2012     B’nai B’rith Condemns Fire Bombing of Kosher Supermarket in Paris
09/19/2012     B’nai B’rith Magazine Explores the Global Reach of Israeli Authors
09/12/2012     Sen. Joe Lieberman and Ambassador Michael Oren Highlight 2012 B’nai B’rith Policy Conference
09/12/2012     B’nai B’rith Deplores Attack that Killed U.S. Ambassador to Libya
09/10/2012     Michael Oren, Israeli Ambassador to U.S., Outlines Threats Facing Israel at B’nai B’rith Policy Conference
09/10/2012     Sen. Joe Lieberman Calls for Bipartisanship in Washington; if Sanctions Don’t Work, U.S. Should Lead Global Coalition
09/10/2012     Allan J. Jacobs of Lake Forest, Ill., Re-Elected President of B’nai B’rith International
09/10/2012     Gary P. Saltzman of Centennial, Colo., Re-Appointed Chairman of the Executive Committee of B’nai B’rith International
09/10/2012     Ira Bartfield of Arlington, Va., Elected B’nai B’rith International Senior Vice President
09/10/2012     Leon Birbragher of Botoga, Colombia, Elected B’nai B’rith International Senior Vice President
09/10/2012     Daniel Citone of Rome Elected B’nai B’rith International Senior Vice President
09/10/2012     Haim Katz of Jerusalem Elected B’nai B’rith International Senior Vice President
09/10/2012     Charles Kaufman of Austin, Texas, Elected B’nai B’rith International Senior Vice President
09/10/2012     Rosalind Klein of Northridge, Calif., Re-Elected B’nai B’rith International Senior Vice President
09/10/2012     Seth J. Riklin of Sugar Land, Texas, Re-Elected Treasurer of B’nai B’rith International
09/10/2012     William K. Peirez of Great Neck, N.Y., Re-Elected Chief Justice of B’nai B’rith Court of Appeals
09/09/2012     Jerry Magel of Los Angeles Recognized for Efforts to Feed the Hungry
09/09/2012     Eduardo Weinstein of Santiago, Chile, Wins 2012 B’nai B’rith Outstanding Young Leader Award
09/09/2012     Stephen Stern of Annapolis, Md., Wins 2012 B’nai B’rith Outstanding Young Leader Award
09/09/2012     Jorge Silberberg of Montevideo, Uruguay, Wins 2012 B’nai B’rith Outstanding Young Leader Award
09/09/2012     Rebecca Saltzman of Denver Wins 2012 B’nai B’rith Outstanding Young Leader Award
09/09/2012     Edwige Ouaknine of Lev, France, Wins 2012 B’nai B’rith Outstanding Young Leader Award
09/09/2012     Ralph Attie of Panama City, Panama, Wins 2012 B’nai B’rith Outstanding Young Leader Award
09/07/2012     B’nai B’rith International Commends U.N. Human Rights Committee For Election of Israeli Professor
09/06/2012     B’nai B’rith Outraged By South African University Student Group’s Call For Boycott of Israeli Institutions
09/05/2012     B’nai B’rith International Condemns the Defiling of the Latrun Monastery Near Jerusalem
09/04/2012     Ambassador of France Christophe Bigot at ceremony recognizing the heroism of Jewish rescuer Margot Cohn
08/31/2012     B’nai B’rith International Opens 2012 Hurricane Season Disaster Relief Fund
08/27/2012     B’nai B’rith Troubled by City of Frankfurt Bestowing Anti-Israel Professor with Adorno Prize
08/24/2012     B’nai B’rith Decries U.N. Secretary-General’s Visit to Iran
08/24/2012     B’nai B’rith Congratulates Gold-Medalist Aly Raisman
08/21/2012     B’nai B’rith Condemns Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Verbal Attack on Israel
08/15/2012     B’nai B’rith Writes Apple CEO For Removal of Anti-Semitic App
08/13/2012     Gary P. Saltzman, of Centennial Colo., Becomes Honorary AEPi Brother
08/10/2012     B’nai B’rith Writes U.N. Secretary-General Decrying Reports of Potential Visit to Iran
08/09/2012     B’nai B’rith Honored at AEPi Convention
08/08/2012     B’nai B’rith, in Address to College Students, Focuses on Demonization and Delegitimization of Israel
08/06/2012     B’nai B’rith Condemns Attack on Sikh House of Worship
08/03/2012     B’nai B’rith Writes to President Urging Him to Sign Iran Sanctions Bill
08/03/2012     Remembering Raoul Wallenberg
08/02/2012     New Iran Sanctions Bill Will Help Further Isolate Dangerous Regime
07/31/2012     Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries Deserve Recognition
07/27/2012     U.N. Special Rapporteur Legitimates Palestinian Violence
07/25/2012     B’nai B’rith Calls for Reinstatement of Assault Weapons Ban
07/24/2012     B’nai B’rith Joins Minute of Silence to Honor Israeli Athletes Killed at 1972 Munich Olympics
07/24/2012     Cyprus Ambassador to the United States Addresses B’nai B’rith Diplomatic Encounter Series
07/24/2012     B’nai B’rith International Decries Naming of U.N.-Supported Gaza School After Notorious Terrorist
07/20/2012     B’nai B’rith Offers Condolences after Horrific Colorado Shooting
07/19/2012     B’nai B’rith Laments Olympic Decision Not To Hold Minute Of Silence For 1972 Munich Deaths
07/18/2012     B’nai B’rith Strongly Condemns Terrorist Attack Against Israeli Tourists in Bulgaria
07/17/2012     B’nai B’rith International Welcomes Passage of Chilean Anti-Discrimination Law
07/16/2012     After 18 Years, Justice Still Not Served as B’nai B’rith Remembers Bomb Attack on Argentina’s Jewish Community
07/13/2012     B’nai B’rith International Dismayed by Decision to Establish UNESCO Science Chair at University Linked with Terrorist Organization
07/12/2012     B’nai B’rith Thanks Episcopal Church for Choosing Positive Investment, Not Divestment, in Considering Middle East
07/11/2012     B’nai B’rith Offers Free Digital Safety And Security Resource For Students
07/09/2012     B’nai B’rith International Commends European Security Body for Rejecting Palestinian Observer Status
07/06/2012     B’nai B’rith Commends Presbyterian Church General Assembly for Voting Against Anti-Israel Divestment, Rejecting Apartheid Label
07/03/2012     B’nai B’rith International Delivers Intervention at U.N. Human Rights Council About Anti-Israel Report
07/02/2012     B’nai B’rith International Opens 2012 Disaster Relief Fund to Aid Victims of Colorado Wildfires
07/02/2012     B’nai B’rith International Mourns the Passing of Yitzhak Shamir
07/02/2012     B’nai B’rith International Denounces UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites Committee for Invoking Emergency Action to Include Church of the Nativity on List
06/28/2012     Supreme Court Affordable Care Act Decision Will Lead to Lifelong Access to Health Care
06/28/2012     B’nai B’rith Welcomes Supreme Court Ruling on Several Arizona Immigration Law Provisions, But Concerns About Profiling Remain
06/27/2012     B’nai B’rith Decries Iranian Vice President’s Anti-Semitic Speech at United Nations Anti-Drug Forum
06/27/2012     Ambassador Stuart E. Eizenstat Addresses B’nai B’rith Award for Journalism Recognizing Excellence in Diaspora Reportaģe for 2012
06/26/2012     Survey Finds Israelis Divided on U.S. Role in Mideast Peace Process
06/21/2012     At European Parliament, B’nai B’rith Outlines Core Principles for Trans-Atlantic Approach to Middle East Peace Process
06/19/2012     Summer Issue of B’nai B’rith Magazine Examines the Role of Jews in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s
06/14/2012     Scheduled Ahmadinejad Role at Upcoming U.N. Conference Outrageous
06/14/2012     B’nai B’rith Magazine Receives Three Rockower Awards from American Jewish Press Association
06/12/2012     B’nai B’rith Congratulates Israeli Ambassador to United Nations on Election as One of Vice Presidents of U.N. General Assembly
06/11/2012     B’nai B’rith International Commends Republic of Panama for Suspending Diplomatic Ties with Syria
06/11/2012     B’nai B’rith Award for Journalism Recognizing Excellence in Diaspora Reportaģe for 2012 to be Presented on June 24
06/07/2012     Organization of American States Secretary-General Responds to B’nai B’rith Request on Anti-Discrimination Convention
06/04/2012     Palestinians Show Lack of Respect to Israeli Goodwill Gesture By Glorifying Terrorists
06/04/2012     Anti-Migrant Disturbances in Israel Deeply Concerning
06/01/2012     New York Teen Winners of B’nai B’rith International Book Writing Contest Announced
05/31/2012     President References Jewish Efforts to Repeal Grant’s Order No. 11
05/30/2012     B’nai B’rith Sends Letter to Hungarian Prime Minister in Response to Attacks Last Week
05/25/2012     B’nai B’rith International Strongly Condemns Fatal Stabbing of Yemeni Jew
05/24/2012     Expansive Archives of B’nai B’rith Relocates to the American Jewish Archives in Cincinnati, Ohio
05/21/2012     B’nai B’rith International Announces Winners of Diverse Minds Youth Writing Challenge
05/17/2012     B’nai B’rith International Writes Letter to Lithuanian President Condemning Honor of Country’s Nazi-Backed Regime Leader
05/03/2012     B’nai B’rith Encouraged by Methodist Conference Vote Against Divestment But Remains Deeply Concerned About Future Actions
05/02/2012     B’nai B’rith World Center Announces Winners of 2012 Award for Journalism Recognizing Excellence in Diaspora Reportage
04/25/2012     B’nai B’rith International Disappointed by Alarmist Rhetoric Concerning Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report
04/24/2012     B’nai B’rith International Applauds President Obama for Speech Yesterday Affirming Importance of Holocaust Education, Support for Israel
04/23/2012     “60 Minutes” Report Gives Free Pass to Palestinian Polemic as Methodists to Debate “Kairos,” Divestment
04/20/2012     Frontier Communications CEO Maggie Wilderotter Receives 2012 B’nai B’rith International Distinguished Achievement Award
04/19/2012     B’nai B’rith World Center and Keren Kayemeth Israel Hold Holocaust Day Ceremony Marking Heroism of Jewish Rescuers
04/18/2012     B’nai B’rith International Applauds Chicago City Council for Passing Resolution to Divest from Iran
04/18/2012     B’nai B’rith International Remembers Longtime Leader Philip Lax
04/18/2012     Programming Nationwide Set for Holocaust Remembrance Day
04/11/2012     Helping to Prepare for Passover with Project H.O.P.E.
04/05/2012     Patently Anti-Israel Poem by German Nobel Laureate a Case of Misguided Moral Inversion
04/03/2012     B’nai B’rith Commends International Criminal Court Decision Against Palestinian Jurisdiction
03/30/2012     In Light of Terrible Hate Crime Chilean Congress Must Pass Anti-Discrimination Legislation
03/29/2012     B’nai B’rith Magazine Examines the State of Aliyah
03/26/2012     B’nai B’rith International Welcomes U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Jerusalem Passport Case
03/22/2012     B’nai B’rith International Condemns Adoption of Anti-Israel Resolutions at U.N. Human Rights Council
03/22/2012     B’nai B’rith International Disappointed With Remarks Linking Shooting in Toulouse to Deaths in Gaza
03/21/2012     House Budget Proposal Plan Would Threaten Future of Medicare, Shift Burden to Low-Income Families and Elderly
03/20/2012     B’nai B’rith International Outraged at Continued Anti-Israel Bias at U.N. Human Rights Council
03/19/2012     B’nai B’rith Condemns Shooting Outside French School; Mourns Deaths
03/19/2012     Council Fixation on Israel, Iranian Threat and Peace Talks Among Key Issues Discussed by B’nai B’rith Delegation to U.N. Human Rights Council
03/15/2012     Anniversary of Buenos Aires Israel Embassy Bombing Serves as a Strong Reminder of the Threat of Iranian Inroads into Region
03/12/2012     B’nai B’rith Continues Disaster Relief Efforts in Japan, Haiti
03/12/2012     B’nai B’rith International Decries Barrage of Rocket Attacks from Gaza on Southern Israeli Cities
03/12/2012     B’nai B’rith International Allocates Additional Funds to Japan Tsunami Disaster Relief Project to Mark One-Year Anniversary
03/09/2012     B’nai B’rith Strongly Condemns Brutal Hate Crime in Chile; Anti-Discrimination Legislation in Chilean Congress Must Be Passed Without Delay
03/08/2012     B’nai B’rith International Opens Tornadoes of 2012 Disaster Relief Fund to Aid Victims of Recent Storms
03/07/2012     B’nai B’rith Notes Anniversary of Hanafi Muslim Attack on Washington
03/06/2012     B’nai B’rith International Strongly Supports Netanyahu’s Reiteration of Israel’s Right to Defend Itself, Prevent Nuclear-Armed Iran
03/06/2012     B’nai B’rith Young Professional Network Hosts Events With Gift of Life
03/05/2012     B’nai B’rith International Welcomes President Obama’s Support for Israeli Security, Right to Defend Itself
03/05/2012     USA Network’s Characters Unite Campaign Joins Sponsorship Team for Book Writing Contest About Tolerance
02/28/2012     B’nai B’rith International Calls for U.N. to Open Vault of World War II Records; World Body Should Have Provided Public Access to Vault from Beginning
02/23/2012     B’nai B’rith Strongly Denounces Escalation Of Anti-Semitic Attacks Against Venezuelan Presidential Opposition Candidate
02/23/2012     B’nai B’rith World Center Dismayed At Van Leer Institute For Cooperating With Upcoming Anti-Israel Conference
02/16/2012     B’nai B’rith Concerned About Drug Shortages; Highlights Two Proposals To Address
02/15/2012     B’nai B’rith Commends Croatia’s Apology For Holocaust Role And Restitution Pledge
02/13/2012     B’nai B’rith Welcomes Administration’s Budget But Raises Concerns About Funding Levels in Three Key Areas
02/07/2012     B’nai B’rith Representative Serving on New Homeland Security Advisory Committee Tasked with Developing Faith-Based Security Initiatives
02/07/2012     B’nai B’rith International Letter to German Foreign Minister Expresses Disappointment Over Upgrade of Palestinian Mission in Berlin
02/06/2012     B’nai B’rith Welcomes New White House Sanctions On Iran
01/30/2012     B’nai B’rith Holds Holocaust Remembrance Day Programming in New York and Latin America
01/27/2012     B’nai B’rith Urges Prestigious German Media Prize Committee To Reconsider Recipient
01/26/2012     Briefing on Holocaust Restitution Held at European Parliament
01/26/2012     B’nai B’rith Uncovers U.N. Ties To Anti-Semitic Arab Cartoonist; Client List Also Includes German Industrial Giant Siemens and Other Major Companies
01/25/2012     B’nai B’rith Commends President’s Stance On Iran In State Of The Union Address; Also Calls Attention to Other B’nai B’rith Priorities
01/23/2012     Atlanta Jewish Times Publisher Was Right To Step Down
01/20/2012     B’nai B’rith Strongly Condemns Anti-Semitic Cartoon in Argentine Paper:
01/19/2012     B’nai B’rith Urges: Remember 1942 Wannsee Conference as Means to Counter Holocaust Deniers
01/09/2012     Pattern Of Attacks Against Nigerian Christians Deeply Worrisome
01/06/2012     B’nai B’rith Decries Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories In Wake Of Chile Fires
01/06/2012     B’nai B’rith Welcomes New York Archbishop’s Promotion to Cardinal
01/05/2012     B’nai B’rith Decries Upcoming Iranian Visit to Latin America as Dangerous Harbinger of Increased Regional Influence