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2013 Releases

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12/19/2013     B’nai B’rith Appalled by U.N. Rapporteur’s Claim that Israel is Genocidal, Applauds Canada for Calling for His Termination
12/19/2013     B’nai B’rith Applauds Latest Iranian Sanctions Legislation Introduced in the Senate
12/17/2013     B’nai B’rith Outraged Over Academic Boycott of Israel
12/12/2013     B’nai B’rith Leaders Meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel; High Level Meetings with Other Israeli Leaders
12/12/2013     B’nai B’rith Relieved Budget Agreement Rolls Back Sequester; Doesn’t Target Programs for Seniors
12/10/2013     B’nai B’rith Uruguay Fraternidad Award 2013 Presented to the Director of Youth Symphony Orchestra Foundation in Uruguay Ariel Britos
12/06/2013     B’nai B’rith Mourns the Loss of Nelson Mandela
12/02/2013     B’nai B’rith Welcomes Reported Invitation for Israel to Join Regional Group at U.N. Bodies in Geneva
11/26/2013     U.N. Day of Solidarity with the Palestinians Propagates Anti-Israel Agenda, Continues to be an Affront to Peace
11/26/2013     B’nai B’rith Commemorates 75th Anniversary of Kristallnacht Throughout Latin America
11/26/2013     Efforts to Perform and Promote Holocaust-Era Music Detailed in Winter Issue of B’nai B’rith Magazine
11/24/2013     B’nai B’rith Comments on Deal Over Iran’s Nuclear Program
11/20/2013     B’nai B’rith Celebrates 170 Years; Discusses Issues Facing Jews, Israel, U.S. at 2013 Policy Forum
11/18/2013     B’nai B’rith Opens Disaster Relief Fund to Aid Victims of Midwest Tornadoes
11/14/2013     B’nai B’rith Strongly Condemns Anti-Semitic Protest at Interreligious Kristallnacht Ceremony
11/11/2013     B’nai B’rith Opens Disaster Relief Fund to Aid Victims of Philippines Typhoon
11/10/2013     Potential Deal On Iran’s Nuclear Program Cause For Concern
11/07/2013     B’nai B’rith Lauds Senate Passage of ENDA, Encourages House of Representatives to Follow Suit
11/07/2013     B’nai B’rith Pauses to Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Kristallnacht
10/29/2013     Israel Reengages with UNHRC; B’nai B’rith Calls on Western Democracies to Help Fight Unfair Treatment 
10/29/2013     B’nai B’rith Uruguay Honor Scientists
10/22/2013     AEPi Brothers from Texas Help Oklahoma Farmers in B’nai B’rith Disaster Relief Program
10/17/2013     B’nai B’rith Commends Catholic Church, Rome for Denying Burial to Nazi War Criminal
10/17/2013     B’nai B’rith Celebrates it German Jewish Founders with Dr. Ruth Westheimer
10/16/2013     B’nai B’rith Cautiously Optimistic About Debt Ceiling Deal, Urges Congress to Act Quickly to Avoid Default
10/08/2013     B’nai B’rith Salutes U.S. Ambassador to UNESCO Following Final Address to Body’s Executive Board
10/08/2013     B’nai B’rith Mourns the Loss of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef
10/07/2013     B’nai B’rith Celebrates 170 Years
10/05/2013     B’nai B’rith Condemns Anti-Circumcision Resolution by Council of Europe
10/04/2013     B’nai B’rith Distressed Over Shutdown, Impact on Seniors
10/03/2013     B’nai B’rith Outraged by Iran’s Election to Senior Seat on U.N. Disarmament Committee
10/02/2013     B’nai B’rith Praises Israeli Prime Minister’s U.N. Address Outlining Skepticism About Iran’s Nuclear Intentions
10/01/2013     B’nai B’rith Meets with World Leaders Attending Opening of U.N. General Assembly
09/25/2013     Sen. Ted Cruz’s Use of Hitler Analogy to Denigrate Affordable Care Act is Unacceptable 
09/17/2013     B’nai B’rith Condemns Olympic Committee’s Election of President Tied to Anti-Israel Boycott Group
09/16/2013     B’nai B’rith Opens Disaster Relief Fund to Aid Victims of Colorado Flooding
09/04/2013     B’nai B’rith Deeply Concerned by New Wave of Anti-Semitic Articles on Government-Sponsored Media Outlets in Venezuela
09/03/2013     B’nai B’rith Supports Call for Congressional Authorization of Military Action Against Syria
08/20/2013     170 Years of History, Action and Accomplishment on Display in Fall B’nai B’rith Magazine
08/14/2013     B’nai B’rith Outraged at Swiss Pick to Advise U.N. Human Rights Council
08/09/2013     B’nai B’rith, AEPi Team Up, Help Repaint Community Center Ravaged by Hurricane Sandy
08/08/2013     B’nai B’rith Concerned by Silence of U.N., International Leaders Following Vile Remarks by Iranian President, Hezbollah Chief
08/01/2013     Former B’nai B’rith President Authors Book “The Hague Odyssey”
08/01/2013     B’nai B’rith International Praises House for Passage of Tough Iran Sanctions Bill, Urges Senate to Act
07/31/2013     B’nai B’rith Decries Iran’s Campaign for Key Role on U.N. Disarmament Committee
07/25/2013     B’nai B’rith Appalled Over Court Decision Denying Americans Ability to List Jerusalem, Israel as Place of Birth on Passports
07/22/2013     B’nai B’rith Welcomes EU Decision to Blacklist “Military Wing” of Hezbollah as Positive First Step
07/22/2013     B’nai B’rith Deeply Mourns the Loss of Joseph H. Domberger
07/19/2013     Tribune Co. Apologizes for Use of “Shylock” in Crossword; B’nai B’rith Accepts Apology
07/17/2013     B’nai B’rith International Remembers Victims of Burgas Bus Attack
07/17/2013     On 19th Anniversary of AMIA Terror Attack, Argentina’s Shameful Pact with Iran Makes Possibility of Justice Far-Fetched
07/17/2013     New EU Funding, Cooperation Ban with Parts of Israel Undermines Peace Efforts
07/15/2013     B’nai B’rith International Condemns Polish Parliament for Defeating Kosher Slaughter Legalization
07/12/2013     B’nai B’rith Slams Iran, Syria’s Reported Attempts to Join the UNHRC
07/11/2013     B’nai B’rith Warmly Welcomes the Appointment of Ron Dermer as New Israeli Ambassador to U.S. 
07/09/2013     B’nai B’rith Writes Greek Prime Minister Over Concerns With Newly Appointed Health Minister
07/05/2013     B’nai B’rith Appalled Over Two Anti-Semitic Incidents in Panama
07/03/2013     B’nai B’rith Outraged with Turkish Leader’s Comments Blaming Jewish Diaspora for Recent Anti-Government Protests
07/01/2013     B’nai B’rith Offers Free Safety and Security Resource for Students, Parents
06/28/2013     B’nai B’rith International Honors Baseball Commissioner Allan H. “Bud” Selig with Distinguished Humanitarian Award
06/27/2013     B’nai B’rith Welcomes Senate Passage of Immigration Reform Measure
06/27/2013     Supreme Court Ruling Knocking Down Part of Landmark Voting Rights Act Disappointing
06/26/2013     B’nai B’rith International Disassociates itself from News Story in Canadian Jewish Tribune Newspaper
06/26/2013     Supreme Court Ruling on Defense of Marriage Act Will Impact Seniors
06/26/2013     B’nai B’rith Leaders Participate in First Papal Audience for International Jewish Leaders Under Pope Francis
06/25/2013     U.N. Report, UNESCO Resolution Show Continued Disdain for Israel
06/19/2013     B’nai B’rith Commends Alicia Keys for Not Canceling Tel Aviv Concert
06/11/2013     B’nai B’rith Addresses Anti-Israel U.N. Human Rights Council Session
06/10/2013     Staten Island High School Student Wins Diverse Minds Youth Writing Challenge
06/06/2013     Silver Spring High School Students Win B’nai B’rith Diverse Minds Youth Writing Challenge
06/06/2013     B’nai B’rith Pleased with Passage of Anti-Discrimination Conventions During OAS General Assembly
06/06/2013     Efforts to Combat Elder Abuse Detailed in B’nai B’rith Magazine
06/05/2013     B’nai B’rith Welcomes Susan Rice as New National Security Adviser
06/03/2013     B’nai B’rith Finds Latest Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report Encouraging
06/03/2013     B’nai B’rith Mourns the Loss of Frank Lautenberg
05/30/2013     B’nai B’rith Denounces United Church of Canada for Boycott of Israeli Businesses
05/30/2013     B’nai B’rith Commends Argentine Prosecutor for Recognizing Iran’s Infiltration into Latin America
05/24/2013     B’nai B’rith Outraged Israel is the Only Country to make World Health Organization Assembly Agenda
05/23/2013     B’nai B’rith Condemns Anti-Semitic Comments of Louis Farrakhan
05/21/2013     B’nai B’rith International Opens Disaster Relief Fund to Aid Victims of Oklahoma Tornado
05/14/2013     B’nai B’rith Appalled: Iran to Chair Conference on Disarmament Despite Nuclear Ambitions
05/13/2013     B’nai B’rith Commends Newseum for Deciding Against Honoring Terrorists
05/12/2013     B’nai B’rith Outraged over Museum Decision to Honor Terrorists
05/09/2013     B’nai B’rith World Center Announces Winners of 2013 Award for Journalism Recognizing Excellence in Diaspora Reportaģe
05/08/2013     U.N. Says Conspiracy Theorist Will Not Appear on Panel at World Body
05/06/2013     With 125 years in Israel, B’nai B’rith Offers Insider Look at the Jewish State
05/02/2013     B’nai B’rith Outraged AEPi Event Forced to Relocate in the Face of Threats
04/29/2013     B’nai B’rith Board of Governors Honors Long-Time Staff and Volunteer Leaders for Humanitarian Efforts
04/24/2013     B’nai B’rith Appalled to Learn 9/11 “Truther” to Speak at U.N.
04/23/2013     B’nai B’rith Outraged by U.N. Rapporteur’s Insistence Boston Bombing Connected to U.S. Foreign Policy, Israel
04/18/2013     B’nai B’rith Condemns Oklahoma Lawmaker’s “Jew Me Down on a Price” Comments on State House Floor
04/18/2013     B’nai B’rith International Opens Disaster Relief Fund to Aid Victims of Boston Bombing
04/16/2013     B’nai B’rith to Host Top Israeli Biofuel Researchers Following White House Briefing
04/16/2013     B’nai B’rith Shocked and Sadden by Terror Attack at Boston Marathon
04/15/2013     B’nai B’rith Concerned by Teacher’s Assignment to “Argue that Jews are Evil”
04/11/2013     B’nai B’rith Pleased with Administration’s International Affairs Budget Request
04/10/2013     B’nai B’rith Deeply Concerned by Administration’s Budget Proposal Impact on Seniors
04/09/2013     B’nai B’rith Commemorates the Holocaust with Two Moving Programs
04/08/2013     B’nai B’rith Mourns the Loss of Margaret Thatcher, a Supporter of the Rights of Soviet Jews
04/04/2013     B’nai B’rith World Center And Keren Kayemeth Leisrael To Hold Unique Holocaust Day Ceremony Marking The Heroism Of Jewish Rescuers
03/23/2013     B’nai B’rith Welcomes the Normalization of Relations between Israel and Turkey
03/20/2013     B’nai B’rith Leaders Meet with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
03/20/2013     B’nai B’rith Director of Intercommunal Affairs Attends Interreligious Meeting with Pope Francis
03/18/2013     B’nai B’rith Representative Addresses U.N. Human Rights Council, Slams Recent “Fact-Finding Mission”
03/18/2013     B’nai B’rith Intercommunal Affairs Director Attends Installation Ceremony for Pope Francis
03/15/2013     B’nai B’rith Remembers Buenos Aires Israeli Embassy Bombing
03/14/2013     B’nai B’rith Delegation to the U.N. Human Rights Council Addresses Settlements Report, Unrelenting Bias Against Israel at Council
03/13/2013     B’nai B’rith International Welcomes New Pope Francis
03/11/2013     Remembering the rescue–70 Years Later
03/11/2013     B’nai B’rith Remembers 2011 Japan Earthquake
03/08/2013     B’nai B’rith Disappointed EU Not Moving Forward on Designating Hezbollah as Terrorist Organization
03/07/2013     B’nai B’rith Magazine Examines the Lives of Three Early 20 Century Jewish Daredevils 
03/01/2013     B’nai B’rith Concerned about Potential Impact of Sequester Cuts on Seniors
03/01/2013     B’nai B’rith Disappointed with Los Angeles Teachers Union Endorsement of Ron Gochez for L.A. City Council
02/28/2013     B’nai B’rith Applauds Reauthorization of Violence Against Women Act
02/28/2013     B’nai B’rith Condemns Inflammatory Statements of Turkish Leader at Global U.N. Forum
02/25/2013     B’nai B’rith Greatly Disappointed by Anti-Semitic Jokes Made at Academy Awards
02/22/2013     B’nai B’rith Urges Senators to Carefully Review Hagel Responses and Record Before Confirmation Vote for Defense Secretary
02/19/2013     B’nai B’rith Keeping Close Watch On Talks About Hezbollah’s Designation Within EU
02/13/2013     B’nai B’rith Praises Bulgaria for Acting Swiftly, Demanding Extradition of Lebanese Suspects in Burgas Bombing
02/12/2013     B’nai B’rith’s Statement on the State of the Union
02/11/2013     B’nai B’rith Wishes Pope Benedict XVI Well, Hopes Successor will Build Upon Friendship with Jews
02/08/2013     B’nai B’rith Disappointed by Facebook’s Refusal to Remove Highly Offensive and Dangerous Anti-Israel Page
02/07/2013     B’nai B’rith Commemorates Holocaust Remembrance Day Throughout Latin America
02/05/2013     B’nai B’rith Renews Call For Eu To Designate Hezbollah As Terror Organization
02/01/2013     B’nai B’rith Outraged by Latest UNHRC Anti-Israel Report
02/01/2013     B’nai B’rith International Outraged by Attack on U.S. Embassy in Turkey
02/01/2013     B’nai B’rith International Mourns the Loss of Ed Koch
01/31/2013     B’nai B’rith Condemns Outrageous Anti-Semitic Article Published by Palestinian News Outlet
01/28/2013     B’nai B’rith Welcomes Bipartisan Immigration Reform Effort
01/28/2013     B’nai B’rith Mourns the Loss of Top U.S. Negotiator Max Kampelman
01/28/2013     B’nai B’rith Appalled by Argentina and Iran’s Independent Commission on AMIA Bombing
01/25/2013     Expert On Restitution Addresses B’nai B’rith Program On Holocaust Remembrance Day
01/16/2013     B’nai B’rith Supports President’s Call For New Gun Measures 
01/09/2013     B’nai B’rith Condemns Extremist Catholic Leader’s Anti-Semitic Comments
01/08/2013     B’nai B’rith Pleased Supreme Court Will Allow Federal Money To Fund Stem Cell Research
01/02/2013     B’nai B’rith Supports Fiscal Cliff Deal That Will Help Medicare Patients Maintain Access To Doctors