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12/28/2016  Secretary Kerry’s Speech on Middle East Peace Misguided After Abstention on Anti-Israel Resolution
12/23/2016  B’nai B’rith Outraged by Anti-Israel UNSC Resolution
12/22/2016  B’nai B’rith Welcomes Postponement Of U.N. Security Council Resolution On Israel, Urges Motion’s Withdrawal
12/20/2016  B’nai B’rith Appalled By Terrorist Attack In Berlin
12/19/2016  B’nai B’rith Commends U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon For Acknowledging U.N. Bias Against Israel At The U.N.  
12/13/2016  B’nai B’rith Magazine Investigates UNRWA
12/12/2016  American Jewish And Greek American Organizations Welcome Second Trilateral Summit
12/8/2016    B’nai B’rith Commends Germany’s Christian Democratic Union For Opposing BDS
12/6/2016    B’nai B’rith Applauds U.S. Senate For Passing Anti-Semitism Awareness Act
12/5/2016    B’nai B’rith Urges Dismissal Of Ecuadorian Ambassador To The U.N. After Comparison Of Israel To Nazi Regime 
12/6/2016    B’nai B’rith Writes To Texas A&M President Over Alt-Right Founder Campus Speech
12/5/2016    B’nai B’rith Concerned Democratic Party Leadership Is Considering Ellison To Lead DNC
12/2/2016    B’nai B’rith Urges Students And Community Not To Attend Richard Spencer Speech At Texas A&M
12/1/2016    Scholarship Available For Jewish Female Graduate Student
11/30/2016  B’nai B’rith Denounces U.N. General Assembly For Recycled Anti-Israel Resolutions
11/30/2016  B’nai B’rith Commends House Of Representatives For Call To Oppose U.N. Dictating Of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Terms
11/29/2016  B’nai B’rith Commemorates 78th Anniversary Of Kristallnacht Throughout Latin America
11/28/2016  B’nai B’rith Opens Israel Emergency Fund For Fire Victims In Israel
11/22/2016  B’nai B’rith Condemns Bigotry And Use Of Nazi Imagery By Movement Leader
11/18/2016  After The Election: Going Forward
11/17/2016  B’nai B’rith Commends House Of Representatives For Passing Iran Sanctions Act
11/17/2016  B’nai B’rith Commends The Student Government At The University Of Michigan For Vote Against A Pro-BDS Motion
11/9/2016    B’nai B’rith Decries U.N. For Batch Of Rote Resolutions Against Israel
11/9/2016    B’nai B’rith Sends Letter To President-Elect Donald J. Trump
11/3/2016    Toys“R”Us Inc. Chairman And CEO To Receive B’nai B’rith’s Distinguished Achievement Award
11/1/2016    Frankfurt B’nai B’rith Schönstadt Lodge Recognizes Charlotte Knobloch With Gold Medal Of Honor
10/26/2016  Yet Another UNESCO Panel Votes In Favor Of Historical Denial
10/19/2016  B’nai B’rith Asks U.N Secretary-General, UNESCO Chief To Correct Statements On Jewish Holy Site
10/18/2016  UNESCO Votes To Erase Historical Ties To Holy Sites In Israel
10/13/2016  B’nai B’rith Condemns UNESCO For Latest Resolution Denying Jewish History In Jerusalem 
10/11/2016  B’nai B’rith Demands UNESCO Rejection Of Historical Revisionism On Jerusalem
10/10/2016  B’nai B’rith Decries Terrorist Attack In Jerusalem
10/7/2016    B’nai B’rith Congratulates Antonio Guterres On Nomination As U.N. Secretary-General
10/7/2016    B’nai B’rith Opens Disaster Relief Fund In Wake Of Hurricane Matthew
9/30/2016    B’nai B’rith Represented at Funeral of Shimon Peres
9/29/2016    B’nai B’rith Writes India Prime Minister Modi After Terror Attacks
9/28/2016    U.S. Department Of State Extends French Holocaust Victims Restitution Claims
9/27/2016    B’nai B’rith International Mourns the Loss of Shimon Peres
9/26/2016    B’nai B’rith Calls On OSCE To Adopt Working Definition Of Anti-Semitism During Meeting In Warsaw
9/23/2016    B’nai B’rith Advocates For Jews And Israel With World Leaders During Opening Of New U.N. General Assembly Session
9/22/2016    B’nai B’rith Sends Disaster Relief Aid To Baton Rouge For Flood Victims
9/20/2016    B’nai B’rith Meeting With World Leaders At U.N. General Assembly
9/20/2016    B’nai B’rith Young Professionals In Europe Enjoy Moroccan Bazaar-Style Tea Party At Klezmer In The Park
9/15/2016    “Ecumenical” Leaders, Embracing Bigotry Against Israelis, Engage In Polemics, Not Peacemaking
9/14/2016    B’nai B’rith Commends U.S. For Military Aid Deal With Israel 
9/13/2016    Global Anti-Semitism Among Featured Topics At B’nai B’rith 2016 Leadership Forum
9/8/2016      B’nai B’rith Addresses UN’s “High Level Forum On Global Antisemitism”
8/31/2016    B’nai B’rith World Center To Host Uruguayan Artists In Israel
8/25/2016    B’nai B’rith President Elected As A Member Of The Zionist Executive 
8/24/2016    B’nai B’rith Sends Letter To UNESCO Director-General To Urge Addressing Reported Threats To Iraqi Jewish Heritage Site
8/22/2016    B’nai B’rith Strongly Condemns Terrorist Attack At Wedding In Turkey
8/19/2016    B’nai B’rith Opens Disaster Relief Fund For Flood Victims In Louisiana
8/18/2016    B’nai B’rith World Center Mourns Loss Of Bambi Sheleg 
8/17/2016    B’nai B’rith Leads Community Service Project With AEPi At Fraternity’s Convention
8/5/2016      B’nai B’rith Condemns World Vision Gaza Operations Leader For Funneling Funds To Hamas
7/29/2016    B’nai B’rith Commends Moldova Parliament for Recognition of Holocaust Victims
7/26/2016    B’nai B’rith France Horrified by Murder of Priest (French)
7/20/2016    B’nai B’rith Welcomes Renewal Of Formal Diplomatic Ties Between Israel And The Republic Of Guinea 
7/18/2016    B’nai B’rith Marks the 22nd Anniversary of the AMIA Bombing in Buenos Aires
7/15/2016    B’nai B’rith International Horrified by Truck Attack in France
7/12/2016    B’nai B’rith Is Appalled As UNESCO World Heritage Committee Considers Resolution That Again Questions Jewish Ties To Temple Mount
7/07/2016    Israeli Ambassador To The U.S. Ron Dermer Delivers Keynote Address at Journalism Award Ceremony
7/03/2016    Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer to Address Journalism Award Ceremony
​7/02/2016    B’nai B’rith Mourns the Loss of Eminent Voice of the Holocaust, Survivor Elie Wiesel
6/30/2016    B’nai B’rith Applauds Senate Appropriations Committee For Passing Anti-BDS Bill
6/28/2016    B’nai B’rith Statement on Istanbul Airport Terror Attack
6/28/2016    B’nai B’rith Addresses UNHRC, Reject Common Distortions Used When Discussing Israel
6/27/2016    B’nai B’rith Dismayed By Reaffirmed Anti-Israel Bias Of Presbyterian Church (USA)
6/27/2016    B’nai B’rith Statement on Agreement Between Turkey and Israel
6/23/2016    President and CEO of Federation of American Hospitals Receives National Health Care Award
6/23/2016    B’nai B’rith Outraged Over Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Comments
6/22/2016    B’nai B’rith World Center Citation To Be Awarded To Musician/Composer Idan Raichel 
6/21/2016    Stuyvesant High School Student Wins NY-Area Diverse Minds Writing Challenge 
6/21/2016    B’nai B’rith International Deeply Concerned By Administration Opposition To Increased Missile Defense Funding For Israel
6/14/2016    B’nai B’rith Welcomes Election Of Israel To Chair Permanent Committee At U.N. 
6/12/2016    B’nai B’rith Shocked By Mass Terror Attack at Orlando Club
6/8/2016      B’nai B’rith Outraged Over Terrorist Shooting In Tel Aviv
6/7/2016      B’nai B’rith Commends The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance For Adopting Working Definition Of Anti-Semitism
6/6/2016      B’nai B’rith Applauds N.Y. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo For Ceasing State Commerce With BDS Supporters 
6/6/2016      Towle Institute Students Win Delmarva Diverse Minds Writing Challenge
6/3/2016      Paulsboro High School Student Wins South Jersey Diverse Minds Writing Challenge 
6/3/2016      Abhorrent Holocaust Cartoon Contest In Iran Concludes
6/2/2016      Duke Ellington School Of The Arts Student Wins D.C.-Area Diverse Minds Writing Challenge
5/27/2016    B’nai B’rith Deeply Troubled By Israel Views Of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Nominees To Democratic Convention Platform Panel
5/26/2016    B’nai B’rith Is Appalled As World Health Organization Singles Out Israel For Condemnation
5/26/2016    B’nai B’rith World Center Announces Winners Of 2016 Award For Journalism Recognizing Excellence In Diaspora Reportaģe
5/24/2016    B’nai B’rith Welcomes Changes To Egyptian School Book That Acknowledges Historic Importance Of Israel-Egyptian Peace Treaty
5/23/2016    B’nai B’rith Commends United Methodist Church For Rebuffing Efforts Of Anti-Israel BDS Movement 
5/17/2016    B’nai B’rith International Strongly Condemns Iran’s Holocaust Denial Cartoon Contest
5/13/2016    B’nai B’rith Opens Disaster Relief Fund For Wildfire Victims In Canada
5/12/2016    B’nai B’rith Sends Letter To Romanian Prime Minister For Prioritizing Restitution Claims By Holocaust Survivors 
5/6/2016      B’nai B’rith Commemorates Yom Hashoah Around The World
5/5/2016      B’nai B’rith World Center And Keren Kayemeth Leisrael Held Unique Holocaust Day Ceremony Marking The Heroism Of Jewish Rescuers
4/28/2016    B’nai B’rith Strongly Condemns Palestinian U.N. Ambassador Riyad Mansour For Comparing Israel To Nazi Germany 
4/27/2016    B’nai B’rith Outraged Over A Video Released By AJ+
​4/27/2016    B’nai B’rith International Commends NYU’s President For Rejecting BDS Call
4/21/2016    B’nai B’rith Opens Disaster Relief Fund For Earthquake Victims In Ecuador
4/18/2016    B’nai B’rith Outraged Over Bus Explosion Attack In Israel 
4/14/2016    B’nai B’rith Denounces UNESCO’s Anti-Israel Resolutions
4/06/2016    B’nai B’rith Remains Deeply Concerned Over The Rise Of Anti-Semitism On College Campuses
4/06/2016    B’nai B’rith Magazine Explores A Modern Day Exodus: Passover Vacation
4/04/2016    B’nai B’rith Learns That The U.N. Reversed Its Decision To Censor Israeli Exhibition
3/24/2016    B’nai B’rith Outraged Over Appointment Of Michael Lynk As U.N. “Special Rapporteur” On Palestinians
3/23/2016    B’nai B’rith World Center And Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael To Hold A Unique Holocaust Day Ceremony Marking The Heroism Of Jewish                               Rescuers
3/22/2016    B’nai B’rith International Is Outraged Over Horrific Terrorist Attacks In Brussels 
3/20/2016    B’nai B’rith Condemns Terror Attack in Turkey at Popular Tourist Area
3/14/2016    B’nai B’rith Great Lakes Region Will Honor Peter Perlman With Guardian Of The Menorah Award
3/11/2016    B’nai B’rith Delegation Concludes Human Rights Council Meetings In Geneva
3/09/2016    B’nai B’rith Outraged Over Anti-Semitic Attack In Uruguay That Killed Jewish Community Leader
3/08/2016    B’nai B’rith Strongly Condemns Ongoing Wave Of Violent Attacks In Israel
3/03/2016    B’nai B’rith Leadership Delegation To Advocate For Israel At U.N. Human Rights Council In Geneva  
2/29/2016    B’nai B’rith Commends Argentine Prosecutor Ricardo Sáenz
2/26/2016    B’nai B’rith Outraged By Election Of Syria And Venezuela To Human Rights Oversight Posts 
2/25/2016    B’nai B’rith Condemns The Los Angeles Times For Publishing BDS Ad 
2/23/2016    President And CEO Of Federation Of American Hospitals Will Receive National Healthcare Award 
2/22/2016    B’nai B’rith Leads Members Of The European Parliament On A Mission To Israel
2/19/2016    B’nai B’rith Condemns BDS Organization’s “Boycott Israel” Ad Campaign
2/17/2016    Syria, Iran And BDS Take Center Stage As Yaalon, Lapid And Erdan Address B’nai B’rith Leaders And Conference Of Presidents Of Major                       American Jewish Organizations
2/17/2016   Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Addressed The Opening Of The Conference Of Presidents’ 42nd Leadership Mission To Israel
2/17/2016   B’nai B’rith Top Leaders Take Part In Conference Of Presidents Leadership Mission Where Foreign Affairs, Security And Education Top The                    Agenda
2/11/2016   B’nai B’rith International Leader Joins Conference Of Presidents Meeting With Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi 
2/09/2016   B’nai B’rith Brings Delegation Of Key United Nations Diplomats To Israel
2/08/2016   B’nai B’rith Outraged Over Arson At Israeli Synagogue
2/02/2016   B’nai B’rith Welcomes Historic Western Wall Compromise 
2/02/2016   Strategic Challenges In The Eastern Mediterranean—An International Conference
1/31/2016   French Potential Recognition of “Palestinian State” Likely to Set Back Peace Talks
1/28/2016   B’nai B’rith Observed International Holocaust Remembrance Day Throughout Latin America
1/28/2016   International Holocaust Remembrance Day Is Observed At U.N. Headquarters
1/26/2016   B’nai B’rith Condemns U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s Recent Remarks Blaming “Human Nature” For Latest Upsurges Of                                    Palestinian Violence 
1/25/2016   B’nai B’rith Strongly Condemns The Newest BDS Episode From 71 British Doctors  
1/24/2016   B’nai B’rith Disappointed in Trump’s Retweet of Neo-Nazi Account
1/21/2016   B’nai B’rith Hosts Ambassador Henne Schuwer For Diplomatic Encounter Series
1/21/2016   New Members Inducted At B’nai B’rith Elie Bloch Lodge In Metz, France 
1/19/2016   B’nai B’rith Remembers Argentine Prosecutor Alberto Nisman One Year After His Mysterious Death 
1/17/2016   B’nai B’rith Remains Wary of Iran’s Nuclear Intentions as Sanctions are Lifted
1/14/2016   B’nai B’rith Condemns The United Methodist Church For Blacklisting Israeli Banks
1/13/2016   B’nai B’rith Deplores Recent Violence Against Jews In France 
1/12/2016   B’nai B’rith Welcomes Conversation On Some Of Our Top Priorities During State Of The Union Address; Seeks Broader Discussion On                            Many Issues
1/11/2016   B’nai B’rith Commends American Historical Association Repudiation Of BDS Motion
1/07/2016   B’nai B’rith, Conference Of Presidents And American Hellenic Leaders To Israel, Greece And Cyprus On Momentous Visit
1/06/2016   Scholarship Available For Jewish Female Graduate Student
1/04/2016   B’nai B’rith Outraged Over Recent Attacks On Jews In Tel Aviv