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How to Bring these Programs to Your Campus

Program materials will be provided to your chapter for each program in which you plan to participate. Interested chapters MUST fill out the participation form in order to receive necessary information by  March 23, 2012.

Here are some details on how these programs should work on your campus.

“Walk to Remember” Specific Information

> Determine whether you need to register the walk with campus authorities and handle all campus logistics to clear the way for the walk

> Select a time and starting point for the walk

> Ensure that all those walking wear black shirts
You will receive stickers with the words “Never Forget” that should be placed on each participant’s shirt

> All participants should be prepared to walk in silence while handing out half-sheets that contain the prose, “We Remember…”
    – You will receive these “We Remember…” sheets in your packet

> Map out where you plan to walk and determine the ending point, which often is the same as the starting point

“Unto Every Person There is a Name” Specific Information

> Determine location of the readings

> Based on time available for the ‘Unto” reading, determine which materials you will use
– We estimate that it takes about one hour per 1,000 names, including the name, place of residence, age, and location of death

> Complete readings, including readings to be used between names

> If possible, look for local Holocaust survivors in your local area to include in the program, both sharing his or her personal experiences and reading names

> Consider holding a program the night before the event or the evening of Yom Ha’Shoah so that a survivor can speak to your chapter and other guests

Other Considerations

> Think about which other members of the campus community you may look to invite
– Consider other Jewish groups, fraternities, sororities, and social action/genocide focused groups

> Contact campus and local media, encouraging them to cover the story using the supplied sample press release and tips for getting community participation