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Tips for Getting the Community Involved

There are many ways in which you can get the word out about these Holocaust remembrance programs on your campus and in the surrounding community.

On campus, be sure you contact the school newspaper, so it can publicize the event and cover it, as well. Customize the provided sample flier and distribute it amongst students and place it on school bulletin boards. Send the flier to religious and ethnic groups on campus so they can spread the word. Also, use any campus list serves available to you to invite students to the event and post the programs as an event on Facebook or other social networking sites.

Send the flier to all local radio stations (don’t just limit it to school radio stations) so it can be read as a Public Service Announcement (PSA). Do the same for local TV stations. Many TV and radio stations have places on their web sites where you can post the information yourself. For others you have to call or email in order to get the information to the community calendar planner.

Be sure you alert and invite the school administration, including the Office of the President and appropriate administrators. Also, contact the Office of Student Activities on your campus.

If possible, use local community resources to invite those from outside your school. Local community newspapers and Jewish newspapers generally have free community calendars, where they will list the event. Remember that some of these publications are weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly, so get your listing in as far in advance as possible.

Finally, contact local Jewish community centers and synagogues. Regarding the synagogues, place a separate call to the Hebrew schools. This could be a good project for school kids. You might also want to see if there are any senior centers that might be interested in taking part.