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​We hope that every appointment by President-elect Donald J. Trump will assist the president in important domestic and international decisions that the country faces in order to end divisiveness, and promote unity and real consensus in our society.
We recognize this is a complex feat. Any president faces a daunting array of complicated issues. And as the long campaign season proved, this presidential administration faces a deeply divided and conflicted electorate. 
No matter their specific portfolio of duties, we urge all of the president-elect’s staffing appointments to begin their jobs from a place of listening, caring and respect for those with similar views, and perhaps more especially, for those with a different viewpoint.  
Going forward, we encourage leadership of each party to find common ground in working to tackle such important issues as immigration, health care, affordable housing for seniors and other issues affecting seniors. We need to forge consensus to produce legislation that addresses these and so many other important matters.
More than 10 years ago, B’nai B’rith created the Diverse Minds Writing Challenge, which aims to educate young people about tolerance, inclusiveness and mutual respect. Read about this unique program here: