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The Jerusalem Post quoted B’nai B’rith International CEO Dan Mariaschin in its coverage of Elliott Abrams’ selection to replace Brian Hook as U.S. Special Representative for Iran.
​After the Trump administration‘s top Iran advisor Brian Hook resigned, just weeks before the UN arms embargo is set to expire, his replacement was lauded by many in the Jewish American community, according to Jewish News Syndicate (JNS).

Hook, served in the position for the past two years, is being replaced by Elliott Abrams, who currently serves as the special representative for Venezuela. Abrams will remain in his current role and assume Hook’s now empty position.

​American Jewish Congress President Jack Rosen responded to Abrams’ new title by saying that he “will have little time to settle in,” but is likely to “work determinedly towards countering Iran’s malignant activities in the Middle East.”

Abrams’ appointment comes just one week before the United Nations Security Council is set to vote on extending the arms embargo on Iran. Russia China are expected to veto the decision.

Daniel Mariaschin from B’nai B’rith praised Abrams’ qualities and past experience as a diplomat and his “deep experience and longtime knowledge of the region and its players, and his long record of calling out those who engage in malign behavior and incessant support for terrorism…”

Zionist Organization of America head Mort Klein showed his appreciation for the president’s decision to appoint the diplomat who he said “is very knowledgeable, highly intelligent” and “a committed Zionist and American patriot.”

The arms embargo, which has been imposed on Iran since 2010, will expire on October 18, 2020, unless the UN adopts a new resolution, which the United States is expected to present next week.