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The B’nai B’rith Bagel Brigade

On the 20th anniversary of National Make Difference Day we have designated the Bagel Brigade of the Greater San Fernando Valley B’nai B’rith Unit  for its service every day of this year during our 170th anniversary recognition and appreciation of Volunteers.

Every day, for 52 weeks each year, the Bagel Brigade, created by Herman Berman, of blessed memory and now organized by its Chair Jerry Magel and Volunteer Coordinator Frank Shapiro collect breads/pastries – picked up by volunteers – and pack them up for pickup by during the week for low income elementary schools from the Costco parking lot in Van Nuys, Calif.  When schools are closed, the items are delivered to shelters serving those in need in their community.
Total:  162 volunteers – volunteer 1,256 weekly hours – for a total of 65,312 hours per year.
Sub-total:  69,062.5 hours