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Oklahoma Relief

AEPi Brothers from Texas Help Oklahoma Farmers in B’nai B’rith Disaster Relief Program
Over the weekend of October 18-20 – 35 brothers and pledges of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity traveled from the University of Texas in Austin and Denton, Texas to help farmers in El Reno, Texas, that had been impacted by the May tornadoes that brought destruction and loss of life to this rural community.

With the arrangements of Field of Teams, led by Deborah “Levi” Clifton, and funding by the B’nai B’rith International Disaster Relief Fund the fraternity brothers dismantled a 100 year old barn, with the goal to salvage the wood for future use at the farm. Wielding hammers and crowbars, 35 guys from a 100 year old organization, sponsored by a 170 year old organization, tackled a 120 year barn. 
Total:  With 540 hours of traveling, and 675 hours of organization working on the project – these volunteers provided 1,225 hours of service for this project.
Sub-total:  3,750.5 hours