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B’nai B’rith International kicked off February with a European Union Activism Seminar for college students, co-hosted with B’nai B’rith EuropeDOJAS and EUJS. The 20 participants came from a diverse background and geographic area, traveling from 19 different countries on four continents.

The primary goals of the seminar were providing an overview about how the EU works, building skills of advocacy with EU institutions and discussing issues that matter to the Jewish community. 

B’nai B’rith organized panels with civil servants, diplomats, elected members of the European Parliament, lobbyists and staffers to show the participants how policy is made in the EU, from both an inside and outside perspective.

Jeremy Levin was a participant in the week-long seminar and left inspired to do more to advance Jewish causes in the EU.

“Last week was a phenomenal week, and I wanted to thank you for organizing the panels, meals, housing, and more for the EU Activism Seminar,” Levin said. “I learned much more than I could have imagined, and have already begun to share my findings with friends and family, both within the EU and all over the world.  

“Handfuls of people have contacted me with an interest in learning about our seminar, in addition to the great organizations that put on the event. I am gladly sharing what I gained while in Brussels.”

Leeor Groen took advantage of the networking opportunities and is pursuing an internship to delve deeper into the world of Jewish advocacy.

“I am really appreciative of the unique opportunities we had and the things we got to see and do,” Groen noted. “I took a particular interest in the work [Head of International Affairs in the Italian Ministry of Economic Development] Pasquale De Micco was doing, given that this is my field of study.

“I am very open to any opportunities and would really value the opportunity to come back.”

View a slideshow from the event, below (all photos courtesy of EUJS):