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B’nai B’rith International commends Romania for legislation punishing anyone who denies the Holocaust.

Parliament had earlier voted for the legislation and President Klaus Iohannis signed the amendments into law this week.

We specifically commend the speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, the prime minister, the president and all those in the opposition who supported the measure and voted for moving this landmark legislation forward.

In a further recognition of human rights, the law also prohibits fascist, racist or xenophobic organizations and symbols.

The war-time Ion Antonescu regime was allied with Nazi Germany. The new law characterizes Holocaust denial as rejecting Romania’s role in the murders of some 400,000 Jews in Romania and Romanian-controlled territory.

Holocaust denial is an odious effort to undermine the unique, horrific genocide against the Jewish people. Punishing Holocaust denial recognizes that this calculated, systematic effort to wipe out the Jewish people must never be forgotten.