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B’nai B’rith International has issued the following statement:

B’nai B’rith International is perplexed by the inaction of international and United Nations leaders as the new president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, and the chief of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, both used anti-Israel incitement to demonize the Jewish state in recent days.

Speaking at a “Qods Day” rally in Tehran on August 5, Rouhani—a supposedly “moderate” president—referred to Israel as a “sore” that has “afflicted the body of the Islamic world for many years” and vowed the Muslim people will stand up and fight “against aggression and tyranny.”

Also speaking at a “Quds Day” ceremony in Beirut on August 2, Nasrallah said Israel is a “cancerous gland” that needs to be “exorcised” and the demise of the Jewish state would be in the best interests of the region.

It is astounding international government officials and senior leadership of the United Nations stay silent when the leaders of a U.N. member state and a prominent terrorist organization invoke such inflammatory language against Israel. Their speeches will no doubt stoke the flames of anti-Semitism in the region and thus should be forcefully condemned.

Continued silence by international and U.N. leaders is unacceptable. B’nai B’rith urges them to speak out once and for all, making it clear to Iran and Hezbollah that these remarks are intolerable.