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B’nai B’rith International has issued the following statement:

B’nai B’rith International is appalled to learn Denmark has banned religious, ritual slaughter practiced in both Jewish and Muslim communities. The Danish agriculture and food minister handed down the decision, saying animal rights supersede those of religious freedom.

This ban is profoundly concerning, as it restricts the religious freedoms of both the Jewish and Muslim communities. Additionally, kosher slaughter is in no way a violation of animal rights and is a humane practice, more so than other methods.

B’nai B’rith remains worried that as Denmark and a few other European countries have adopted bans on religious slaughter, a vital right and need of Europe’s Jewish minority is being eroded, along with the freedoms that other religious denominations enjoy.

We urge all European leaders, governments and societies to decisively reject a path of government coercion and imposition in religious life.