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B’nai B’rith International is appalled that the World Health Organization (WHO) will investigate Israel, a solitary beacon of humanitarian values in the Middle East, for supposed “mental, physical and environmental health” violations. Israel was, once again, the only country in the world singled out during the annual assembly of a United Nations body that is meant to be nonpolitical.
Arab states co-sponsored the anti-Israel resolution, which authorizes a delegation to interrogate and monitor “the health conditions in the occupied Palestinian territory,” as well as “the occupied Syrian Golan.” The only countries that stood by Israel and opposed the motion were the United States, Australia, Canada, Guatemala, Micronesia, Papua New Guinea and Paraguay. France, Germany and the United Kingdom, alongside 104 other countries, shamefully voted in favor.
Once again, the Palestinians and their Arab allies have shown readiness to hijack key international organizations in order to distract from their own exhaustive abuse of human dignity and to foster more hate and animosity toward the Jewish state. The WHO motion is a perfect example of the ongoing bias that tarnishes the United Nations, which harms prospects for peace and progress in the Middle East more than it helps.