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(Washington, D.C., Feb. 10, 2022)–We commend the Parliament of Latvia for the passage of Holocaust restitution legislation. The legislation will provide “goodwill compensation” in the amount of $46 million to the Jewish community of Latvia for property that was stolen during the Holocaust.

This includes reimbursement for immovable properties belonging to Jewish religious and communal organizations before the Soviet occupation of Latvia in June 1940, which could not be previously returned through denationalization laws. 

The law lists 250 properties identified by the Jewish Community of Latvia, including schools, orphanages, hospitals and cultural houses, along with each of their 2018 cadastral values. The compensation will be paid in annual increments of $4.6 million from the state budget to the Foundation LEKEROF until 2032.

The fund will provide restoration and preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of the Jews of Latvia, support for the work of the Latvian Council of Jewish Communities and other Jewish community organizations under the Council’s umbrella, promote the integration, unity and development of civil society in Latvia, and provide social and material assistance to those victims of the Holocaust who live outside of Latvia.

We hope that this legislation will serve as another model to other countries in the region who have yet to address this important issue. We look forward to President Egils Levits signing the legislation into law as soon as possible.

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