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Plus: Inclusion; Jews with Disabilities, Beyond Bagels, the Women Who Built Tel Aviv and More!

In 1939, Jews in Germany and Austria were ordered to surrender their jewelry, gold, silver and other precious metals to the Nazis. Many items were purchased by the Bavarian National Museum in Munich. In recent years, the museum has been attempting to reunite these pieces with their rightful owners, but the process has not been easy. In the Winter 2022 issue of B’nai B’rith Magazine, read about the efforts to return these heirlooms to their rightful owners and the families waiting to receive them in the cover story “Stolen Silver” by writer Dina Gold.

Also in this issue: We explore how the inclusion of Jews with disabilities, both outside and inside the synagogue, has evolved over the years in “Including Jews with Disabilities: ‘Not a mitzvah project, but a human being.’”

In “Jewish Food: More Than Bagels, Brisket and Blintzes,” we explore the world of Jewish food beyond the well-known Ashkenazi foods of Eastern and Central Europe.

We take a close look at the history of Tel Aviv’s iconic Bauhaus architecture and three women architects whose ideas were pivotal to the transformation of pre-state Israel’s first modern city in the feature “Tel Aviv: Building the Magnificent City.”

“A Massing of Menorahs: Bringing Light to the World,” shares the story of Madelyn Katz, a Jewish educator who has amassed a collection of more than 350 menorahs over 40 years of collecting.

Also, read the first-place winning essay of the 2022 None Shall Be Afraid Essay Contest, held to encourage college-age students to offer ways to confront the alarming rise of anti-Semitism around the world.

Read these stories and more in the 2022 Winter issue of B’nai B’rith Magazine here.