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International Holocaust Remembrance Day is observed every year on or near Jan. 27, the date in 1945 the allies liberated the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. In addition to U.S. observances, B’nai B’rith International commemorated this significant day across Latin America.

In Argentina, Human Rights Office Director Claudio Avruj, who is also a former B’nai B’rith executive vice president of District 23, was the governmental officer attending the main commemoration in the Chaco Province. Also attending was Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie and the leaders of Jewish organizations. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Santiago, Chile held an event that was attended by more than 300 people and was organized jointly by B´nai B´rith and the Jewish community of Chile. Samuel del Campo, Righteous Among Nations, was honored through his nephew Christian Beals.

Uruguay’s Congress held a special session commemorating the day, and Chief of Staff Juan Roballo gave a speech that was broadcast across the country on the radio and several television channels. In his speech Roballo stated, “Our remembrance of Holocaust victims is a commitment to fight for a real ‘never more’ and a commitment to fight against all forms of discrimination.”

In Brazil, The U.N. office opened an exhibit on the Shoah in Rio de Janeiro for one week.

In Ecuador, the University of the Americas hosted an event by the U.N. office, the Israeli Embassy, Albert Einstein College and the local Jewish community. 

Mexico commemorated Holocaust Remembrance Day through a ceremony in Congress co-sponsored by B´nai B´rith and a special recognition was presented to Bulgaria for its role during the Shoah. B’nai B’rith leader Dan Tartakovski coordinated B´nai B´rith’s co-sponsorship of the event.

The Guatemalan Foreign Ministry held a special event in the ministry to remember the Shoah and the main speaker was the Foreign Minister Sandra Jovel.