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Iton Gadol covered B’nai B’rith International’s meeting with Ambassador Federico Villegas, current chair of the U.N. Human Rights Council (in Spanish). The discussion focused on the anti-Semitic remarks made by Miloon Kothari, who is a member of the U.N. ‘s latest anti-Israel Commission of Inquiry.

Senior officials of B’nai B’rith International met today with Ambassador Federico Villegas, who currently chairs the United Nations Human Rights Council, representing Argentina. The discussion focused on the recent anti-Semitic sayings by Miloon Kothari, one of the members of the Commission of Inquiry created after the conflict between Israel and Hamas in 2021.

Kothari said last month that Jews control the press and that Israel should not be a member of the United Nations. Both comments subscribe to a classic anti-Semitism, and fall perfectly under the definition of anti-Semitism of the International Alliance for Holocaust Remembrance (IHRA), which has been adopted by Argentina.

The representatives of B’nai B’rith stressed that the comments made by Kothari should automatically disqualify him to serve in the Commission. The meeting was attended by the World President Seth Riklin, CEO Dan Marischin, UN President Millie Magid, Special Advisor for Latin American and United Nations Affairs Adriana Camisar, and UN Analyst Oren Drori.