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Protecting Global Jewish Communities Against Anti-Semitism Is A Top Priority
(Washington, D.C., Sept. 4, 2019)—The U.S. prioritizes fighting global anti-Semitism through the bipartisan-created State Department post of the U.S. Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat anti-Semitism. On the latest episode of the B’nai B’rith podcast, CEO Daniel S. Mariaschin talks with Elan Carr, who ascended to the post in February, about the vital need for this position.  
What’s truly unique about the role is that it has a proactive side, the “to combat” part of the description.  
Carr emphasizes that he sees his first priority as ensuring the day-to-day safety of Jews around the world. “If a community cannot feel safe; if you can’t leave the house and know that you’re going to come back in one piece, or send your kids to school and know that they’re safe, there is no quality of life. It is intolerable to live in such a place,” says Carr. “So what we’re looking at is to make sure Jewish assets are protected. In countries, especially where Jews are being attacked on the streets, and there are no shortages of examples of that, protecting Jewish assets and making sure that Jews are safe and protected is number one.”
Carr views part of his job as promoting the view that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism. “Part of this whole fight is to carry the message [that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism] to every capital and to every campus…to make sure that everyone understands what anti-Semitism is and what the stakes are, and what the enormous costs can be if we don’t fight it,” says Carr.  
Prior to his appointment as the special envoy, Carr served in the United States military and in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office as a deputy district attorney.
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