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WHEREAS Israel—the nation-state of the Jewish people and the sole true democracy in the Middle East—once again finds itself forced to defend against rocket attacks launched by the terrorist organizations Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad from Gaza; and
WHEREAS ethnic strife is gripping the streets of Israeli cities with mixed Israeli Arab and Jewish populations, including the horrific torching of synagogues in Lod, which reminds us of dark times in Jewish history; and
WHEREAS there have been reprehensible mob attacks by Arabs against Jews, we agree with Israelis across the spectrum, that these attacks against Jews should not be met by extremist assaults on Israeli-Arabs; and
WHEREAS the media coverage of the current conflict often relies on false moral equivalencies, if not blatant bias and outright lies; and
WHEREAS Israeli civilians living in the center and south of the country find themselves spending night after night in bomb shelters and protected rooms; and
WHEREAS an unbearable number of Israeli civilians have lost their lives or been injured for no other reason than that they are Jews who dare to live in our ancient homeland; and
WHEREAS the brave men and women of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the Israeli Police are putting their lives on the line to protect all citizens of Israel—Jews and Arabs—and maintain calm on Israel’s streets; and
WHEREAS members of the international community, including U.N. Security Council members, are rushing to unfairly condemn Israel while paying scant attention to Hamas war crimes, including firing rockets indiscriminately at Israeli towns and cities from the midst of Palestinian civilian areas in Gaza; and
WHEREAS B’nai B’rith has been active in the state of Israel since 1888, decades before the founding of the state, and inaugurated the B’nai B’rith World Center-Jerusalem in 1981 to contribute to the building of a thriving Jewish state with enduring bonds to the global Jewish community; and
WHEREAS B’nai B’rith has quickly issued press statements condemning Palestinian terrorism and appealing for a calming of ethnic tensions within Israel; and
WHEREAS B’nai B’rith has opened the Israel Emergency Fund to help Israelis recover from this current round of conflict;      
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that B’nai B’rith stands in solidarity with our Israeli brothers and sisters as they face down a Palestinian terrorist onslaught, just as we always have and we always will in the future.