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B’nai B’rith International President Charles O. Kaufman and CEO Daniel S. Mariaschin sent the following letter to the New York Times in response to its irresponsible, biased coverage of the death of Palestinian medic Rouzan al-Najjar.

To the Editor:

The New York Times needed nearly a dozen staff members to spread the same misinformation as the Palestinian Propaganda Machine in “A Day, a Life: When a Medic Was Killed in Gaza, Was It an Accident?”

The Times, once again, swallowed the Palestinian narrative hook, line and sinker, and then disseminated it as if it were impartial news.

At best, it is fiction based on some real events and assumptions and — plain and simple — bias. Nowhere is there a true accounting of Hamas’ active and deadly offensive campaign against Israel’s very existence and against Israelis one by one through Hamas rocket attacks onto a sovereign nation and its infiltration attempts, through tunnels and other border incursions, to stab, maim, kidnap and kill Israelis. 

According to the Times, the Hamas rockets mysteriously fall on Israel, rather than being actively and purposely fired – from schools and hospitals and U.N.-sponsored facilities, even from private homes – to kill Israelis.

Sadly, we have come to expect this bias from the Times, which periodically romanticizes the Palestinian narrative in multi-page spreads with fancy graphics. 

There is so much to unpack here, but we are left with this question:  Why doesn’t the Times investigate the obvious violations and inhumane treatment of people inside Gaza by Hamas? Nowhere is there an examination of terrorists carrying out attacks sometimes masquerading as ambulance drivers or journalists.

Nowhere does the Times accounts show Hamas using emergency vehicles to transport combatants or armaments. Shame on Hamas for orchestrating this theater for the purposes of videotaping chaos that it can pin on the IDF.

The Times is revealing nothing. It isn’t even practicing responsible journalism. The Times has become a prominent outlet for spreading Hamas propaganda. It is successfully giving Palestinians even more ammunition to teach hate to future generations.

Charles O. Kaufman
B’nai B’rith International President

Daniel S. Mariaschin
B’nai B’rith International CEO