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U.N. Security Council

B’nai B’rith urges the Obama administration to delay submitting the Iran nuclear deal to the United Nations Security Council for a vote, giving Congress time to review the agreement.

Under compromise legislation between the administration and Congress, lawmakers have 60 days to review the Iran nuclear deal. By submitting the agreement now to the United Nations Security Council, the move would undermine and contradict the spirit of this compromise arrangement.

The U.S. Congress should have the full 60 days to review the details of the agreement struck earlier this week between the P5+1 (United States plus China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and Germany) and Iran. 

The vote in the Security Council is scheduled for next week, where it is expected the deal will be endorsed.  While it is expected that implementation of the U.N. resolution will be delayed 90 days, the legal rationale for stripping away a decade worth of nuclear sanctions will have already been fixed.

When the deal was announced days ago, we reiterated our long-standing concerns about Iran’s history of deception and denial about its nuclear program.

Congress has an important role in the coming weeks. Lawmakers must ask tough questions about inspections, plutonium enrichment and sanctions relief, including Iran’s demand to immediately begin acquiring conventional weapons. Congress needs to be able to fulfill this investigative role without the distraction of a Security Council vote.