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JNS covered our condemnation of anti-Semite Kanye West for yet another absurd, anti-Semitic rant.

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After nearly a year of apparent Jew-hatred abstinence in public, the rapper Kanye West (who goes by Ye) is back to spreading lies and conspiracy theories, including antisemitic ones.

“Jesus Christ, Hitler, Ye. Third Party. Sponsor that,” the rapper said recently in Las Vegas, per video footage that the gossip site TMZ obtained. Using a racial slur, he appeared to suggest that many other black people would agree with him.

In the confusing rant, Ye said, “It’s our country … they stole it from us,” without specifying who “they” is.” He also referred to “pyramids in St. Louis and Missouri,” “Indians,” “pilgrims,” Jews. “They dress the same,” he said. “It’s the same story.” He added that “they put us in the schools of Rothschilds.”

Ye, whose forthcoming album “Vultures” contains antisemitic lyrics, also claimed that “they” can’t touch him “because God cover me.”

The rapper and songwriter added that “the French own 80% of the banks in Africa,” which is why he claimed that he met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Using another obscene reference, Ye suggested that rich people send their children to “that Zionist school.”

“It’s 60 million of us in America; 60 million Jews in the world; 50% of our deaths is abortion; 25% of us go to prison,” he said. (There were about 41.6 million black Americans in 2020, according to the U.S. Census. There are about 15.7 million Jews worldwide.)

In fall 2022, Ye made antisemitic and neo-Nazi remarks on an extended media tour, leading German sportswear giant Adidas to cancel his Yeezy sneaker deal, causing his net worth to fall from $1.5 billion to $400 million. In March, he claimed that watching one of Jewish actor Jonah Hill’s movies cured him of hate.

He undermined that claim with the recent release of the title song for “Vultures.” He suggested that he isn’t antisemitic because he slept with a Jewish woman (using a derogatory word for the latter).

“He’s done it again: Kanye West went on yet another antisemitic rant, sharing absurd, anti-Jewish conspiracy theories and comparing himself to Hitler,” B’nai B’rith International stated. “Kanye’s outbursts are incredibly dangerous, so why does he still have a platform to spew hate?”