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B’nai B’rith International deplores the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)’s votes today on four inflammatory resolutions attacking Israel—again more resolutions than those targeting any of the U.N.’s 192 other member states.

One especially reckless resolution calls on states to cease the sale and transfer to Israel of arms, surveillance equipment and even “dual-use” items critical to save the lives of Israelis and calls on the body’s latest anti-Israel “commission of inquiry” to produce a report on these transfers. There is no such call targeting Iran and others arming Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Houthis and other terrorists.

Though only the U.N. Security Council has the power to enforce an arms embargo, the clear goal of the resolution is to pressure states to leave Israel defenseless against enemies that have shown—in both rhetoric and actions—their genocidal intent against the Jewish state. Meanwhile, the resolution outrageously implies Israeli genocidal intent against Palestinians—even as none of the resolutions acknowledge in any way the actual genocidal ideology, aims, incitement and actions of anti-Israel jihadists in the Middle East.

As is standard practice at the U.N., even after the Oct. 7 massacre—the deadliest day for the Jewish people since the Holocaust—there is no condemnation or even mention of Hamas. Instead, the Israeli hostages who were kidnapped on Oct. 7 are offensively equated with Palestinian terrorists justly imprisoned in Israel. Mention of the widespread sexual violence against Israelis on Oct. 7 is also completely absent from the resolutions, an omission that is shocking but not at all surprising given the prolonged and shameful silence on the topic by U.N. bodies.

There is a reference to anti-Semitism in the resolution purporting to “ensure accountability,” but it came not to condemn hatred against Jews, but to give cover to it. This is the U.N. human rights system at its most craven.

Passage of such resolutions so grossly detached from reality carries forth a long history of absurd motions, including previous ones calling for a one-sided arms embargo, multiple wasteful and biased “investigations,” and a database of mostly Israeli companies for targeting by discriminatory anti-Israel boycott campaigns.

Given the dire circumstances that Israel and the Jewish people currently face, however, these resolutions are all the more dangerous.

In recent weeks, B’nai B’rith brought the voices of a freed Hamas hostage, family members of hostages and murdered civilians as well as survivors of the terrorism directly to the council. These were all ignored by a system meant to defend human rights.

We condemn all states that voted in favor of these outrageous texts. History will judge harshly the UNHRC and the member states that gave comfort to the true forces of barbarism—and those actually responsible for chronic conflict—in the Middle East.