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The Jüdische Allgemeine noted that B’nai B’rith Frankfurt Schönstädt Loge joined the German Jewish community and a range of other organizations in calling for the cancellation of a concert by virulently anti-Semitic musician Roger Waters.

Read in the Jüdische Allgemeine (in German).

A few days before an application for a cancellation of the Frankfurt concert of BDS activist Roger Waters is to be decided by the local magistrate, several organizations and private individuals have joined forces to form an alliance with the same goal. A statement by the parties involved states that a cancellation of the concert scheduled for May is necessary.

The demand is also justified by the fact that “anti-Semitic narratives” play a central role in the musician’s “major events.” Waters had appeared “mainly as the protagonist of anti-Israeli agitation” in recent years.


In addition to a cancellation, the Frankfurt Alliance demands “enlightenment about how to rent the Festhalle in the first place, the historical scene of anti-Jewish violence during the November pogroms, could come to Waters.” In the days of the November pogroms, more than 3000 Jews were killed via the Festhalle and deported the Südbahnhof to the Dachau and Buchenwald concentration camps.

“In the visuals of the monumental stage events of the former Pink Floyd member, among other things, Star of David associated with dollar signs,” the statement says. “In addition, stars of David were placed on inflatable pigs, which were usually symbolically destroyed at the end of the concerts under the cheers of the audience.”

According to the organizations from Frankfurt, the current program of the rock artist entitled “This Is Not A Drill” should “explicitly represent the political program Waters.” The concert in the spring is planned “according to its own statement” as “an assembly to identify with Water’s hatred of Israel and his call for boycott against the people of the Jewish state.”


“There is no stage for a well-known anti-Semite, conspiracy theorist and Israel hater like Roger Waters,” is another demand. “There can be no mention in the slightest that art freedom prevails here.

Roger Waters has been filling for decades with a program peppered with anti-Semitic narratives and Israel hatred, gigantic music halls, demanding discrimination against Jewish-Israeli artists on the basis of their origin and at the same time successfully putting pressure on those of his fellow musicians who want to perform in Israel.

“Even his theories, including about the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, which was allegedly provoked by the USA, are unacceptable,” says the alliance. “Not to provide support to his campaigns is itself a contribution to the defense of art freedom.”

In addition to the Jewish Community, which initiated efforts to cancel the Frankfurt Waters concert several weeks ago, the signatories of the declaration include the B’nai B’rith Frankfurt Schönstädt Loge, the Association of Jewish Students Hesse (VJSH), the NGOs Honestly Concerned and ILI – I Like Israel, the Frankfurt Working Group of the German-Israeli Society, the Young Forum of the same organization and individuals such as the activist Simone Hofmann.


“A contract with Waters should never have been concluded,” the signatories clarifies. “It is to be welcomed that well-known politicians of the major parties have spoken out in favor of a rejection in recent weeks. Now words must be followed by deeds and relevant decisions!”

The alliance hopes that “the fight against anti-Semitism in Germany means more than just making dutiful speeches on historical commemorative occasions,” it was said. “This is the time to hear the words to follow up deeds – in terms of historical responsibility with regard to rooms, such as the Festhalle, but also with regard to a clear commitment against anti-Semitism.”

While the Frankfurt efforts, the 28th Roger Waters concert planned for May in the Festhalle, apparently having a good chance of success, the situation has so far been different in Munich and Cologne. In Berlin, where two Waters shows were planned, the Senate has no control, because the Mercedes Benz Arena, where they are to take place, is not in public hands.