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Gary Saltzman

by Chris Leppek

Gary Saltzman began his B’nai B’rith journey in the most humble and unremarkable of ways – on the bowling alley.

The Denver native who grew up on the East Side, prayed at Beth Joseph and graduated from George Washington, liked to bowl. He also thought that B’nai B’rith Lodge 171’s bowling league might be a good path by which to connect socially and professionally with other members of the Denver Jewish community.

The bowling part was a natural.

By 1975, when his membership in B’nai B’rith began, Saltzman had already been a high school and college competitive bowler. He was good enough to win a state high school championship.

The social connection part turned out to be an understatement.

“Within five years I not only had become the president of the bowling league but eventually ran for office of B’nai B’rith,” Saltzman says…more.