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Israel Bonds President & CEO Israel Maimon answers “What does it mean to be Jewish?” in our latest #0dot2 video. 

Israel Maimon became president & CEO of Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds on Oct. 14, 2016. Worldwide sales of Israel bonds have surpassed $41 billion since the first bonds were issued in 1951. In 2017, sales of Israel bonds in the United States exceeded $1.1 billion, the fifth consecutive year investments eclipsed the $1 billion mark.

Maimon served in the Israel Defense Forces in the elite Golani Infantry Brigade, attaining the status of company commander and reaching the rank of major. An attorney by profession, Maimon was cabinet secretary for two prime ministers – Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert – and worked closely with one president, Shimon Peres, on the global conference Facing Tomorrow. His responsibilities included content development, fundraising and the general running and implementation of the conference. The conference was the largest, most important international gathering ever to take place in Israel.

He was an external director at Cal-Israel Credit Cards, Ltd., a corporation providing all credit card activities, and an external director at Fox-Wiesel, Ltd., a public company in the fashion and home-styling field. Additionally, Maimon was a director for Matzlawi Construction Company, Ltd. and he was also the founder of Think Content Events, a production company specializing in creating and producing content for conferences, conventions and events.

B’nai B’rith International has launched the Zero.Dot.Two Initiative (#0dot2) as a part of its 175th anniversary to discuss ideas around Jewish identity, to educate social media users about Judaism as a proactive way to combat anti-Semitism and to promote the Jewish connection to the State of Israel through the voices of many online influencers. With approximately 14.4 million Jewish individuals alive today, we represent approximately 0.2 percent of global citizens.

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