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You can’t write the history of baseball without its Jewish players – from Moe Berg to Ken Holtzman to Alex Bregman. Author Howard Megdal speaks with B’nai B’rith CEO Dan Mariaschin about the new version of his 2009 book, “The Baseball Talmud: The Definitive Position-by-Position Ranking of Baseball’s Chosen Players,” which illustrates the impact Jewish players have made on America’s National Pastime and how much more there is to Jewish baseball than Sandy Koufax and Hank Greenberg.

For the 100th interview in our “Conversations” series, Mariaschin speaks with Megdal about “The Baseball Talmud,” the inspiration for the original book and its 2022 update, the impact Jewish players have made on baseball’s rich history, and how attitudes toward Jewish people in the game often reflect society as a whole.