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B’nai B’rith International made our first statement of 2015, denouncing the decision by publisher HarperCollins to sell sans Israel maps to Middle East vendors, in the name of “local preference.”

HarperCollins initially defended the decision, but later back-tracked and apologized. B’nai B’rith’s statement was featured in an article by the Jewish News Service.

Excerpts of the story can be found below:


The maps label Gaza and the West Bank but do not demarcate Israel, instead depicting Jordan and Syria as extending all the way to the Mediterranean Sea.

“HarperCollins regrets the omission of the name Israel from their Collins Middle East Atlas,” the publishing company said. “This product has now been removed from sale in all territories and all remaining stock will be pulped. HarperCollins sincerely apologizes for this omission and for any offense caused.”

“The willful error was exacerbated by the initial tone-deaf defense by HarperCollins of its decision. … Does the publisher’s acquiescence to ‘local preferences’ take into account that many of Israel’s neighbors have the singular goal of destroying Israel and its people?” B’nai B’rith International said in a statement.