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B’nai B’rith sent the following letter to the editor to the New York Times on Aug. 14.

Read it in its entirety, below:

The lumping together of “Israel, Sri Lanka and Syria” is precisely what is perverse about the record of High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay and the Human Rights Council.

Israel is condemned by the council more than all other countries.‎ Syria, though, has killed more Arabs in three years than Israel has in sixty-six.

Ms. Pillay has never criticized the council’s repressive members for a permanent agenda item singling out Israel alone for harsh scrutiny.

Irresponsibly, she ‎suggests equivalence between Israel, a democracy, and Hamas, a terrorist movement. She emphasizes Israel’s “occupation,” ignoring the 2005 Gaza withdrawal and Hamas’s rejection of Israel’s existence within any borders. She also rushed to claim disproportionate Palestinian civilian casualties when most Gazans recently killed appear to have been males of fighting age.

Ms. Pillay awaits Israeli countermeasures to incessant violence before sounding any alarm. ‎Her valuing of certain lives above others was made explicit when she said she opposed Palestinian attacks but “most especially” Israeli responses.

Discrimination has no place in the pursuit of human rights.

                                                                   Daniel S. Mariaschin, Executive Vice President

                                                                   David J. Michaels, Director of U.N. and Intercommunal Affairs

                                                                   B’nai B’rith International