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On Yom Hashoah, college students from across the nation honored those lost in the Holocaust with name recitations and silent walks around campus.

One such event occurred at Northern Illinois University, where a silent walk was chronicled by the student-led paper, The Northern Star. An excerpt of the article can be found below.

For the past seven springs, B’nai B’rith International and AEPi have come together to bring Yom Hashoah programming to campuses nationwide. The initiative brings together AEPi’s “We Walk to Remember” with B’nai B’rith International’s “Unto Every Person There is a Name.”

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Students honored Yom Ha’Shoah and remembered the Holocaust through a silent walk Monday.

The event was organized by the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity partnered with Hillel, a Jewish student group, and other volunteers in remembrance of victims of the Holocaust. 

Participants wore signs that said “Never Forget” and walked in silence with a police escort. They carried fliers they handed out to students during the afternoon walk.

Chad Harris, Alpha Epsilon Pi president and junior business management major, said the silence of the 12 participants was meant to reflect the somber mood of the event.

“Any chance we get to honor the fallen Holocaust victims, we do,” Harris said.