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B’nai B’rith Director of Latin American Affairs Eduardo Kohn criticized comments made by the Palestinian Embassy’s head of mission in Montevideo Nadya Rasheed, condemning her improper use of her diplomatic role. Read Montevideo Portal’s coverage of this story in Spanish, or in English below.

The diplomatic mission headed by Nadya Rasheed complained to the Foreign Ministry after the announcement of bone-in meat exports to Israel.

The Embassy of Palestine in Uruguay published a tweet asking the Uruguayan government for a response to the situation in the Gaza Strip after the Foreign Ministry announced the authorization of exports of meat with bone to Israel.

In response to the comment of the diplomatic mission, led by Nadya Rasheed, B’nai B’rith Director of Latin American Affairs Eduardo Kohn rejected the Palestinian Embassy’s message.

“Interference in internal affairs, serious lack and repeated customs. It shows malice and contempt for Uruguay first and for the rules that regulate its representation,” Kohn wrote.

In turn, he accused the delegation of making “improper and illegal use of diplomatic immunity, which is neither unlimited nor infinite.”

Citing the announcement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the embassy said: “While the International Court of Justice deliberates on the case against Israel presented by South Africa and supported by many states, on the 96th day of genocide, we expected at least that Uruguay had called for a ceasefire.”

“We are still waiting for him to raise his voice for it,” added the diplomatic mission of the government headed by Mahmoud Abbas, addressing the official accounts of the Uruguayan Presidency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.