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IJL, B’nai B’rith International and WUJS are joining forces to address the skyrocketing number of anti-Semitic incidents on university campuses around the world*.

Since the Hamas massacre of Oct. 7, anti-Semitic incidents have increased exponentially around the globe: a 400% increase in incidents in the United States, more than 1000% increase in the United Kingdom, over 1,500 incidents recorded in France, over 900 incidents recorded in Germany. 221 incidents were recorded in Australia in the month after the attack, as opposed to just one in the week prior.

Amid this soar in Jew-hatred, Jewish students on campus have been particularly vulnerable, facing an intimidating environment where Jewish student organizations have been targeted by anti-Israel protesters, individuals have faced harassment, genocidal chants have been heard at demonstrations and university staff members have been slow to react to secure an environment free of hate for Jewish students.

IJL’s Legal Center for Combating Antisemitism is offering its support to Jewish students and student organizations who wish to explore legal remedies for incidents faced. Each incident is specific and may warrant different avenues of engagement, either at university level, with judicial authorities or through other legal paths.

Students who have faced an anti-Semitic incident and want to explore avenues for redress can contact or They should provide a short overview of the incident faced, as well as the country and specific university campus they are contacting us about.

Privacy, safety and support.

Taking legal action may seem like a daunting act. Our priority is the comfort and safety of students.

The first step is simply for the student to have a confidential conversation with IJL representatives, understand the details of specific incidents and communicate potential avenues of action.

It is important to note that legal action can be taken by IJL without revealing specific identities of plaintiffs.

This assistance is offered free of charge.

*Currently, we are providing legal services in Europe, Latin America, and also in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. As soon as we are able to provide a response in other regions, changes will be announced.