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B’nai B’rith International is an outspoken critic of the ongoing efforts by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to avoid bilateral negotiations with Israel in favor of lobbying in world bodies.

Peace can only be achieved through meaningful, bilateral negotiations. The PA’s continued internationalization of the conflict with Israel has only exacerbated the situation.

B’nai B’rith’s statement of condemnation was featured in the Philadelphia Jewish Voice. Read an excerpt from the article, below:


The United Nations Security Council Tuesday rejected a Palestinian resolution demanding Israel withdraw from disputed territories within three years. The motion fell one short of the minimum nine “yes” votes in the Security Council. It received eight “yes” votes, two “no” votes and five abstentions:

No: The United States and Australia
Yes: Russia, China, France, Argentina, Chad, Chile, Jordan and Luxembourg.
Abstain: The United Kingdom, Lithuania Nigeria, South Korea and Rwanda.


Nevertheless, Abbas continues to pin the Palestinian Authority’s hopes on the United Nations instead of engaging in serious negotiations with Israel. 

A day after the Palestinian bid for a mandatory Israeli withdrawal to pre-1967 lines failed at the UN Security Council, Mahmoud Abbas signed a Palestinian request to join the International Criminal Court. He plans to bring Israeli officials before the court for alleged war crimes. 

Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu says “That step will be blocked too. If anyone needs to fear facing the international court, it is the Palestinians.”

B’nai B’rith International says Abbas’ machinations have made patently clear its unpreparedness to make the hard decisions necessary to finally achieve peace and coexistence.

       Abbas’ path of confrontation and unilateralism gravely violates his responsibility to end the conflict through meaningful 
       direct negotiations and compromise with Israel. His path also denies Israel basic guarantees of its security and 
       recognition as a Jewish state.