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“Senior Prom” at B’nai B’rith’s Covenant Place in St. Louis was a major hit, both inside and outside of the senior living community.

In the week following the event, the St. Louis Post Dispatch ran a full-length feature on the event, covering the back story of many of the residents involved, as well as the young Jewish professionals and staff who organized the event.

Read an excerpt of the article below and enjoy the photos, courtesy of the Covenant Place Facebook page:

A low rumble permeated the hall, and as the door opened, the whine of hair dryers and loud chatter blasted out.

It was prom day, and everywhere you looked, volunteers were at work. They were armed with blow dryers and curling irons, with makeup brushes and mascara wands.

While her nails dried, Darlene Flaherty, 66, told the women around her that she would be dressed to kill in an outfit she bought in Mexico.

She also just had her second knee replacement done, “so I’m ready to dance tonight.”

The fuss was all about the third annual senior prom June 1 at Covenant Place, a senior living complex in Creve Coeur.

Rosy Weinstein, 93, tested lip colors and decided she needed a flashier tone, maybe berry tart.

A stylist pinned Sonjia Williams’ hair into a French roll. Sonjia, 70, said she could dance better than everyone else, and that made her nervous. She didn’t want to look like a show-off.

Not Anita Stevens. As a volunteer curled her hair, Anita, 83, bragged about a bra that would give her extra oomph that night.

She stood up and gave a preview of her Elvis-like swivel. She was excited to show off her moves that night. But first, she needed to go home to her husband.

She described Eric, 83, as a quiet man who is always by her side.