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JNS quoted B’nai B’rith International CEO Daniel S. Mariaschin in its coverage of the terror attacks on Israel by Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

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American Jewish and pro-Israel organizations shared condolences and voiced solidarity with Israel after a barrage of more than 800 rockets, one of which killed a civilian in the central Israeli city of Rehovot outside Tel Aviv.

“We are outraged by the ongoing terror attacks against Israel. We not only support Israel’s right to defend itself but its need, as well, to send a strong, unequivocal message to the perpetrators that they will pay a high price for acts of terror,” Daniel Mariaschin, CEO of B’nai B’rith International, told JNS.

“We also condemn those who continue to vilify Israel while turning a blind eye to the true aggressors: the terror groups with a stated mission to eradicate the Jewish state,” he added.


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