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Thanks to Enrique Jinchuk for taking part, from Harold Steinberg of Memphis, Tennessee, chair of the 175th Anniversary Committee.

With B’nai B’rith International’s milestone 175th anniversary occurring this year, we are reminded of what an amazing story we have to tell. Below read about member Enrique Jinchuk’s most meaningful moments as a B’nai B’rith member.

Please provide three meaningful memorable events that capture the best of B’nai B’rith. The events may be recent or historic.
One of the most memorable moments in our institutional life was BBI’s international convention held in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 2011. It was the first time BBI moved the convention site to another place instead of the United States or Israel.
Another very important moment for B’nai B’rith Uruguay’s district was the birth of our political committee while our country suffered the dictatorship of our military. During this terrible period, our brothers and sisters helped many Jewish Uruguayans held as political hostages. In those days, one of the most important Uruguayan political leaders was helped by Rabbi Morton Rosenthal (director of ADL of B’nai B’rith) and escaped being shot, flying with his family to London.
In year 2008, B’nai B’rith Uruguay started the most important educational program called “Salir Adelante” in order to help Uruguayan public high school students of critical living context to complete their studies and get scholarships for university and part-time jobs.
Please name three individuals in your area who made a powerful impression on you for the work they did in B’nai B’rith. They may be living or esteemed leaders from the past. Explain your choices.
The most important B’nai B’rith Uruguay leaders in my almost fifty years of devoting to this institution were:
Dr. Jacobo Hazan, Z”L
He was the founder of a Jewish-Christian confraternity and worked in our institution for more than fifty years. He was appointed by the State of Israel as the first Israeli Ambassador in Uruguay.
Cr. Maximo Brenner, Z”L
He was B’nai B’rith Uruguay’s president when our country suffered the military dictatorship and was one of the founders of our political unit. When he passed away, his family established the Fraternity Prize in his memory, a very important scholarship in different art fields.
Dr. Eduardo Kohn, executive vice president in District 28 (Uruguay-Paraguay) has provided the support for many leaders and B’nai B’rith Uruguay presidents for many years, and he is still working.

Do you have an interesting memory of B’nai B’rith events, activities or service or recall individuals who made remarkable contributions to the history and values of B’nai B’rith? Please email your descriptive responses and contact information to