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Category: Expert Analysis

Expert Analysis

CEO in Bulgarian Policy Journal: The Imperative of Holocaust Education

When I began my career almost 50 years ago, I emphasized in my speeches that one day there would be no Holocaust survivors to say, “I was there,” or to show their concentration camp tattoos, or to...

Expert Analysis

Visualizing History and Hope: Daniel Libeskind

Daniel Libeskind. Credit: When Daniel Libeskind speaks, he invites his audience to enter a world in which his unique thought process has the power to alter their perception. The...

Expert Analysis

What Channel is the Game On?

In 2018, my wife and I took a long weekend trip to Chicago. While I had been to Chicago several times, it was my wife’s first trip. We visited tourist attractions like Millennium Park, Navy Pier,...

Expert Analysis

Congress Can’t Leave Seniors Behind

Working at B’nai B’rith over the past five years has been a very rewarding experience. In particular, my advocacy on legislative issues impacting older Americans, such as affordable housing and...

Expert Analysis

Echoes from Yom HaShoah

Two weeks after Yom HaShoah v’Hagvura (Israel’s Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Day), the many speeches and events held on that solemn day across Israel still echo, even as the country...

Expert Analysis

On Religious Commitments and Human Commitments

I’ve just delivered this message to a group of Jewish communal representatives focused on high-level international interreligious dialogue. This past Shabbat’s Torah reading has special resonance for...

Expert Analysis

Clouds in Latin American Skies

The first round of the presidential elections in Colombia will take place by the end of May and the runoff in mid-June. Colombia has been one of the closest friends of Israel in decades. Israel has...

Expert Analysis

Everything is Important

Some years ago, before email and text messages, I was following up on a meeting notice with a phone call to one of the invitees for a program we were holding that week. The responses had been slow in...

Expert Analysis

Russian Invasion of Ukraine Leaves Horrific Toll on Seniors

“These explosions are all so terrible,” said Anna Churilyana, a blind 90-year old woman in Odessa, Ukraine. In the Washington Post story, “To evacuate or not? In Odessa, some older residents cannot...