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Category: Op Ed

Op Ed

Honorary President Op-ed in JNS: The Audacity of Mahmoud Abbas

First, he wrote a dissertation in Moscow that denied and distorted the Holocaust. Next, he adopted the policy of Judenrein—no Jews allowed to live or buy property in ancient Jewish lands. He made...

Op Ed

CEO Op-ed in JNS: This is not art!

Read in Once again, the nexus of art, culture, politics and political bias against Israel and anti-Semitism is roiling Germany. The 15th Documenta, an international art show held every five...

Op Ed

CEO & Dir. of U.N. Affairs Op-ed in NY Daily News: The UN vs. Israel, Yet Again

Read in the NY Daily News.​ This year, the United States rejoined the United Nations Human Rights Council. It did so to try to advance fundamental values, strengthen multilateralism and address...

Op Ed

CEO Op-ed in the Algemeiner: The Dangerous Board Game in Vienna

Read Mariaschin’s expert analysis in the Algemeiner. In the popular board game Monopoly, a player gets one chance to pass “Go,” and in the process, collect $200. In Vienna, where negotiations...

Op Ed

Dir. of Legislative Affairs Op-ed in Jewish Journal: The Dangers of Negating Jewish Identity

Read Eric Fusfield’s op-ed in the Jewish Journal. If one were to draw a straight line between recent controversies involving the Colleyville synagogue attack, Whoopi Goldberg, and Brooklyn...

Op Ed

Joint Op-ed in Ynetnews: Polemics do nothing to help heal the Holy Land (in Hebrew)

Read the op-ed in English on Ynetnews. Read the op-ed in Hebrew on Ynetnews. Translated below from the original Ynet publication in Hebrew: Last month, the leader of the Presbyterian Church (USA)...

Op Ed

CEO Op-ed in Algemeiner: Holocaust Remembrance: Responsibilities for All Society

When I began my career nearly 50 years ago, Holocaust remembrance events were few and far between. One of my first assignments out of graduate school, working in the Boston Jewish community, was to...

Op Ed

CEO Op-ed in JNS: Amnesty’s anti-Israel report pours more fuel onto delegitimization bonfire

(February 1, 2022 / JNS) A 211-page report issued by Amnesty International in the United Kingdom is pouring a deeper foundation on top of an already dangerous and insidious path to delegitimize...

Op Ed

CEO Op-Ed in the Algemeiner: A View From Here: The Ongoing Predicament of French Antisemitism

The Algemeiner published an op-ed by B’nai B’rith International CEO Daniel S. Mariaschin on the ongoing predicament of anti-Semitism in France. From this side of the ocean, attempting to...