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Oren Drori:UNGA’s Fourth Committee Votes 2021
Eduardo Kohn: Unacceptable Actions Against Israel’s Right To Defend Itself
Daniel Mariaschin and David Michaels: Joint Op-ed in JNS: At the UNHRC, why not focus on countries with egregious human-rights records?
Alina Bricman: Director of EU Affairs Op-ed in Times of Israel: Three years on, seeds of hope at the Tree of Life
Charles Kaufman: President Op-ed in InsideSources: When the Weight of History Is Out of Balance
Richard Heideman: Honorary President Op-ed in The Jerusalem Post: The Durban Conference perpetuates hate
Daniel Mariaschin: CEO Op-ed in the Times of Israel: What Powell said about anti-Semitism
Charles Kaufman: President Op-ed in JNS: The U.N. Should Prohibit Future Durban Debacles
Daniel Mariaschin: CEO Op-ed in the Algemeiner: Oslo and Abraham: The Tale of Two Anniversaries
​​Daniel Mariaschin: CEO Op-ed in JNS: U.N. Human Rights Council: When It Comes to Israel, Still Driving on Biased Retreads
Charles Kaufman: President Op-ed in Newsweek: Ahead of Tokyo Olympics, IOC Silence Still Rings From Munich Massacre
Daniel Mariaschin: CEO Op-ed in JNS: The Enduring Message of the Rescue at Entebbe
Charles Kaufman: President Op-ed in JNS: Truth Can Conquer Ignorance About Zionism and Anti-Semitism
David Michaels:Op-ed in Jerusalem Post: Importance of Fighting the ‘Zionism is Racism’ Smear
Daniel Mariaschin: CEO Op-ed in Times of Israel: Anti-Semitism, Today and Yesterday
Charles Kaufman: President Op-ed in InsideSources: NY Times Front Page Gets Israel v. Hamas Story All Wrong
​Alan Schneider: Breaching the Wall: Lessons from Operation “Guardian of the Wall”
Daniel Mariaschin:CEO Op-ed in the Algemeiner: Israel and Gaza: Where Do We Go From Here?
David Michaels: Op-ed in InsideSources: Israelis are Underdogs in the Battle for Public Opinion
Alina Bricman: The Sarah Halimi Case: A Miscarriage of Justice That Cannot Happen Again
Eduardo Kohn: Palestinian Elections and the World’s Silence
​Daniel Mariaschin: CEO Op-ed in the Algemeiner: On Palestinian Aid and Accountability
Daniel Mariaschin: CEO Op-ed in Times of Israel: Heed the Neon Warning Sign on Iran’s Intentions
Eric Fusfield: 
Dir. of Legislative Affairs Op-ed in the Algemeiner: Cultural Trends and Jewish Academics Give New Lifeline to Anti-Semitism
Adriana Camisar: A United Nations “Human Rights” Committee That Doesn’t Deserve Its Name
David Michaels:Standing With the Asian Community in Its Fight Against Hate
Daniel Mariaschin: CEO Op-ed in the Algemeiner: ‘Nurses’ and the Danger of Mainstreaming Anti-Semitism
Daniel Mariaschin: CEO Op-ed in Newsweek: Kosher Slaughter, Circumcision and Jews’ Religious Freedom
Eduardo Kohn: Are Human Rights Really Protected?
Daniel Mariaschin: CEO Op-ed in JNS: Put Iran Out of the Nuclear-Weapons Business for Good
Daniel Mariaschin: CEO Op-ed in the Algemeiner: Why the IHRA Handbook on Anti-Semitism – Not Just Its Definition – is Needed
Charles Kaufman: President Op-ed in Inside Sources: Avoid Durban Déjà Vu
Evan Carmen: Service Coordinators Our Silent Heroes
Adriana Camisar: Our Work with Ambassador Richard Schifter
Eduardo Kohn: The U.N. Obsession With Israel
Alina Bricman: Op-ed in Times of Israel: Shonda: The European Court of Justice Ruling on Ritual Slaughter
Charles Kaufman: President Op-ed in Jerusalem Post: Palestinian Leadership Continues Lying at UNGA
Daniel Mariaschin: CEO Op-ed in Times of Israel: When the Letters Stopped
Alina Bricman: Addressing Online Anti-Semitism 
Rebecca Rose: With a New Label, the Fight Against BDS Gains Speed
Oren Drori: A UNGA Like No Other
Evan Carmen: Preparing for an Aging Prison Population
Eduardo Kohn: OAS GA: Present and Future Dangers
Daniel Mariaschin and Ambassador Richard Schifter: CEO and Amb. Schifter Op-ed: The U.N. Should Stop Funding the Palestinian Narrative
Charles Kaufman: President Op-ed in InsideSources: Facebook, Twitter on the Right Side of History With Bans on Holocaust Denial

Daniel Mariaschin: CEO Op-ed in JNS: Hamas Detains Israelis and the World is Silent
Daniel Mariaschin: CEO Op-ed in Times of Israel: Europe: Out of Step, Again
Alina Bricman: The Trial of the Halle Synagogue Shooter – Lessons to be Learned Amid Resurgent anti-Semitism in Germany
Evan Carmen: Long Lines at Polling Stations During a Pandemic: It’s Time to Expand Voting from Home
David Michaels: Black Lives and Jewish Lives Deserve Empathy, Not Enmity
​Rebecca Rose: To Truly Address Anti-Semitism, We Must Face Inconvenient Truths About Its Roots
Evan Carmen: LGBTQ Seniors Fight for a Place to Live
Eric Fusfield: “Cancel Culture” Fast-Forwards Past Anti-Semitism
Charles Kaufman: President Op-ed in JNS: Jewish Ties to the Black Community Remain Steadfast
Eduardo Kohn: Latin American Countries in the UNHRC
Evan Carmen: COVID-19 Senior Housing Legislation on Capitol Hill: What’s the Status
Charles Kaufman: President Op-ed in the Jerusalem Post: Germany Can Carry the Banner of Free Expression Without Flag Burning
Alina Bricman: A Secure Europe in a Better World
Daniel Mariaschin: CEO Op-ed in Fox News: Europeans Continue Unjustified Criticism of Israel but Ignore Real Middle East Threats
Eduardo Kohn: Coronavirus Does Not Stop Violation of Human Rights
Eric Fusfield: Iran’s Spiral Toward Chaos and Aggression
Charles Kaufman: Using Passover as an Opportunity to Teach About Anti-Semitism
Alina Bricman: A Look Forward and Backward to Carnival Season
Oren Drori: The Importance of The WHO
Rebecca Rose: Israel’s Challenge at the ICC: A Political Show with Real-World Consequences
​Alina Bricman: 75 Years After the Holocaust, a Revisionist Trend is Sweeping Europe
Evan Carmen: The ACA and Medicaid, Expanding Healthy Outcomes to Older Adults