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2015 Releases

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12/28/2015     Tornado And Flood Disaster Relief Fund Open For Storm Victims In Southern US
12/21/2015     Mohammed Assaf, As UNRWA Youth Ambassador, Highlights Incitement By Palestinians And Within U.N. System; B’nai B’rith Demands                            His Removal
12/18/2015     B’nai B’rith International Welcomes Inclusion Of Yom Kippur As A Recognized Holiday At U.N. Headquarters 
12/17/2015     B’nai B’rith Disconcerted Over U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s Statement Blaming Israeli Occupation For Increasing Violent Attacks
12/16/2015     B’nai B’rith International Deeply Disappointed By IAEA’s Decision To Close Its Investigation Of Past Iranian Nuclear Activity
12/14/2015     B’nai B’rith International Commends Argentine President Macri’s Decision To Void The AMIA Bombing Pact With Iran
12/10/2015     B’nai B’rith Sees Welcome Contributions, Also Challenges, In New Vatican Document On Relations With Jews
12/10/2015     B’nai B’rith Uruguay Fraternidad Award 2015 Presented To Theater Actress Alicia Alfonso
12/08/2015     B’nai B’rith International Condemns Trump’s Proposed Bar on Muslims Entering the US
12/01/2015     B’nai B’rith Condemns College Professor’s Refusal to Help Israeli Girl with Research Project
11/30/2015     B’nai B’rith Commemorates 77th Anniversary of Kristallnacht Throughout Latin America
11/24/2015     B’nai B’rith Congratulates Argentine President-Elect Mauricio Macri
11/16/2015     B’nai B’rith Appalled By Swedish Foreign Minister’s Linking of Paris Terror Attacks to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
11/14/2015     B’nai B’rith International Condemns Unbridled Bloodshed in Paris Terror Attacks
11/12/2015     B’nai B’rith International Concludes 2015 Policy Forum
11/11/2015     B’nai B’rith Highly Disconcerted with Approval of Guidelines to Label Goods from West Bank
11/10/2015     Gary P. Saltzman of Centennial, Colo., Elected President of B’nai B’rith International
11/05/2015     B’nai B’rith Leadership Concludes Visit to India as Ties to U.S., Israel Strengthen 
11/03/2015     B’nai B’rith Applauds Opening of Compensation Program for Holocaust Survivors Deported from France
10/28/2015     B’nai B’rith Pleased to See Budget Deal Includes SSDI Extension, Mostly Avoids Troubling Benefit Changes
10/28/2015     B’nai B’rith Condemns British Academic Boycott of Israel
10/27/2015     B’nai B’rith Mourns Richard Lakin, Victim of Palestinian Terror Attack
10/23/2015     B’nai B’rith Praises Bipartisan Congressional Effort to Officially Condemn Palestinian Incitement Against Israelis
10/22/2015     B’nai B’rith Welcomes Arrest Warrants for 1992 Israeli Embassy Bombing Buenos Aires
10/21/2015     UNESCO Backs Off Attempt to Reclassify the Western Wall as Part of Al-Aqsa Mosque
10/19/2015     B’nai B’rith Outraged Over UNESCO Resolution Aimed at Renaming Western Wall
10/14/2015     B’nai B’rith Condemns U.N.’s Outrageous Mischaracterization of Terror Wave in Israel
10/13/2015     B’nai B’rith Decries Serial Terror Attacks in Israel; Abbas Remains Silent
10/05/2015     B’nai B’rith Deplores Murder of Jews in Israel
10/02/2015     In Advocacy Marathon on Sidelines of U.N. General Assembly, B’nai B’rith Discusses Iran, Palestinians with World Leaders
10/02/2015     B’nai B’rith Outraged by Killing of Couple in Drive-By Terror Attack in Israel, Four Children Unscathed in the Back Seat
09/30/2015     B’nai B’rith Denounces Abbas’ Disavowal of Peace Agreements with Israel; Contradictions Abound in Appearance at U.N.
09/22/2015     B’nai B’rith Welcomes Pope Francis on U.S. Visit
09/18/2015     Reckless U.N. Security Council “Statement” Erases Jewish History of, and Anti-Jewish Attacks at, Temple Mount
09/17/2015     B’nai B’rith Condemns Ann Coulter’s Ugly Remarks During GOP Debate
09/11/2015     B’nai B’rith Commends House of Representatives For Voting Against Iran Deal, Lifting Sanctions
09/11/2015     B’nai B’rith Outraged Over EU Resolution To Label Goods From West Bank
09/10/2015     United Nations Decision To Fly Palestinian Flag Disincentivizes Step Toward Peace
09/10/2015     B’nai B’rith Pleased With Amazon’s Swift Removal of Blood-Stained Israeli Flag Merchandise 
09/03/2015     B’nai B’rith Experts Join Congressional Staffers on Tours of Section 202 Senior Housing
09/02/2015     B’nai B’rith Condemns UE’s BDS Resolution, Repulsed By Accusations Of ‘Ethnic Cleansing’
08/31/2015     B’nai B’rith Appreciates Monaco Prince’s Official Admission of Government’s Nazi Collaboration
08/26/2015     B’nai B’rith Opposes Palestinian Push to Have Flag Flown Outside U.N.
08/25/2015     B’nai B’rith To Honor Boston Red Sox And President/CEO Larry Lucchino With Community Achievement Award
08/24/2015     B’nai B’rith Disappointed by Natalie Portman’s Questioning of Holocaust Education Emphasis
08/12/2015     B’nai B’rith Deeply Disappointed by U.S. Government’s Petitioning on Behalf of PA
08/10/2015     B’nai B’rith International Urges Congress To Reject Iran Deal
08/06/2015     On 50th Anniversary Of Voting Rights Act, Work Is Not Finished In Providing Ballot Box Access
07/31/2015     B’nai B’rith Horrified by Burning of Palestinian Baby in Terror Attack 
07/20/2015     B’nai B’rith Highly Offended by Ohio State Marching Band’s Despicable Holocaust Inspired Song
07/24/2015     B’nai B’rith Commends Romania for Banning Holocaust Denial
07/23/2015     B’nai B’rith Reassured by Stability in Social Security Trustees Report
07/20/2015     B’nai B’rith Attends AMIA Roundtable Discussions, Bombing Commemoration
07/20/2015     B’nai B’rith Frustrated After U.N. Security Council Endorsement of Iran Deal; Undermines Congressional Review
07/17/2015     B’nai B’rith Commemorates 21st Anniversary of AMIA Bombing in Buenos Aires
07/17/2015     B’nai B’rith Urges Delay in U.N. Security Council Vote on Iran Deal
07/14/2015     Iran Nuclear Deal Serious Cause for Concern
07/06/2015     B’nai B’rith Not Surprised After Human Rights Council “Welcomes” Report on Gaza Conflict
07/03/2015     B’nai B’rith Commends Episcopal Church For Continuing To Oppose Punitive Economic Measures Against Israel
07/02/2015     United Church of Christ’s Adoption of BDS Resolution Promotes Economic Warfare, Not Peace
07/01/2015     Comparison by Alabama Judge of Supreme Court Marriage Ruling to Nazi War Crimes is Despicable 
06/30/2015     B’nai B’rith: Latest Delay In Nuclear Talks Again Demonstrates Tehran’s Intentions
06/29/2015     B’nai B’rith Speaks Out At United Nations Human Rights Council Against Biased Report On 2014 Gaza Conflict
06/26/2015     B’nai B’rith Appreciates Anti-BDS Provision in U.S. Trade Bill
06/25/2015     B’nai B’rith Condemns Palestinian Use of International Criminal Court Against Israel
06/25/2015     B’nai B’rith Meets with Pope Francis
06/25/2015     B’nai B’rith Welcomes Supreme Court’s Affirmation of Affordable Care Act
06/24/2015     B’nai B’rith Welcomes Senate Introduction of Voting Rights Reconstruction Act of 2015
06/24/2015     B’nai B’rith Urges Removal of Confederate Flag from Public Display
06/22/2015     B’nai B’rith Housing Confers Distinguished Achievement Award in Boston
06/22/2015     B’nai B’rith Condemns Predictably Biased UNHRC Commission of Inquiry” Report Against Israel
06/18/2015     B’nai B’rith Shares U.S. and Israeli Concerns About Politicization of U.N. Reporting on Children in Conflict
06/18/2015     B’nai B’rith Strongly Condemns Arson on Galilee Church
06/18/2015     B’nai B’rith Condemns Shooting at South Carolina Church
06/15/2015     B’nai B’rith Magazine Details Evolution of American-Jewish Theater
06/11/2015     NPR Host Questioning Presidential Candidate About Israeli Citizenship Deeply Offensive
06/08/2015     B’nai B’rith Critical of Supreme Court Passport Ruling
06/08/2015     Deloitte’s Greater DC Managing Partner to Receive B’nai B’rith’s Distinguished Achievement Award
06/05/2015     Brooklyn Student Wins Diverse Minds Youth Writing Challenge
06/04/2015     B’nai B’rith Pans French Telecom’s Wish To “Withdraw” From Israel
06/04/2015     B’nai B’rith Magazine Honored With Two Rockower Awards
05/29/2015     Poolesville High School Student Wins D.C.-Area Diverse Minds Youth Writing Challenge
05/29/2015     B’nai B’rith Writes U.N. Secretary-General Over Recommendation to List Israel with the Taliban, ISIS
05/28/2015     Kingsway Regional High School Student Wins Southern New Jersey Diverse Minds Youth Writing Challenge
05/27/2015     B’nai B’rith International Opens Disaster Relief Fund to Aid Victims of Texas Floods
05/27/2015     Wilmington High School Student Wins Delmarva Diverse Minds Youth Writing Challenge
05/26/2015     Prof. Alan Dershowitz to Address B’nai B’rith World Center Award for Journalism
05/22/2015     Columbus-Area High School Students Win Diverse Minds Youth Writing Challenge
05/21/2015     B’nai B’rith Condemns Latest Absurd Attack on Israel, This Time by WHO
05/18/2015     B’nai B’rith and Hebrew Union College Skirball Museum Partner to Establish New Home for Distinctive Art Collection
05/16/2015     Outrageous Demand To Remove Jewish Star From Greek Holocaust Memorial Reprehensible
05/14/2015     B’nai B’rith Deeply Disappointed with Vatican’s Move on Palestinian State
05/13/2015     B’nai B’rith Commends Anti-BDS Bill’s Passage by Illinois House Executive Committee
05/08/2015     B’nai B’rith Writes to Global Soccer Federation; Decries Efforts to Suspend Israel
05/08/2015     B’nai B’rith Commends Senate’s Passage of Congressional Oversight Measure for Iran Nuclear Deal
04/29/2015     B’nai B’rith Spotlights Preeminent Conductor’s Stand Against Fascism at U.N. Holocaust Remembrance Program
04/27/2015     B’nai B’rith Opens Disaster Relief Fund to Aid Nepal Earthquake Victims
04/26/2015     B’nai B’rith World Center Announces Winners of 2015 Diaspora Journalism Award
04/21/2015     B’nai B’rith Commemorates Yom Hashoah Across North America and in Jerusalem
04/15/2015     B’nai B’rith Encouraged by Corker-Cardin Compromise; Questions Remain on Viability of Iran Deal
04/14/2015     B’nai B’rith International Opens Disaster Relief Fund to Aid Kenyan University Attack Victims, Families
04/13/2015     B’nai B’rith World Center and KKL-JNF to Recognize Greek Rabbi Who Saved Hundreds of Jews During Holocaust
04/07/2015     B’nai B’rith Condemns Horrific Attacks on Kenyan University Students
04/02/2015     B’nai B’rith Skeptical of P5+1-Iran Nuclear Deal
04/02/2015     B’nai B’rith Delivers Passover with Project H.O.P.E.
03/31/2015     B’nai B’rith Concerned About New Daily Show Host’s Tweets
03/30/2015     B’nai B’rith Strongly Disappointed in Virginia State Bar for Cancelling Israel Seminar
03/27/2015     B’nai B’rith Pleased with Bipartisan Support for Permanent “Doc Fix” Solution
03/24/2015     B’nai B’rith Addresses U.N. Human Rights Council, Highlights Bias Against Israel
03/23/2015     Tour Mt. Zion, Jerusalem from Home with B’nai B’rith’s Live, Virtual Experience
03/23/2015     B’nai B’rith Magazine Features Jews Of Color: A Growing Minority Within A Minority
03/19/2015     B’nai B’rith Congratulates Netanyahu on Party’s Election Success in Letter
03/17/2015     B’nai B’rith Welcomes Israeli Election Process as Expression of Strong Democracy
03/17/2015     B’nai B’rith Marks 23rd Anniversary of Buenos Aires Israeli Embassy Bombing
03/13/2015     B’nai B’rith Delegation Addresses Latest UNHRC Attack on Israel in Visit to Geneva
03/06/2015     B’nai B’rith Condemns Latest Car Attack on Light Rail Station in Jerusalem
03/05/2015     B’nai B’rith Provides Live Virtual Tour of Israel to Members and Senior Housing Building Residents
03/03/2015     B’nai B’rith International Statement on Netanyahu Address to Congress
02/26/2015     B’nai B’rith Horrified by ISIS Kidnapping of Assyrian Christians
02/25/2015     Reported P5+1-Iran Nuclear Deal Cause for Concern
02/24/2015     B’nai B’rith Hails Historic Verdict Finding PA, PLO Liable for Damages in Terror Attacks
02/20/2015     B’nai B’rith International Mourns Death of 4-Year-Old Following Complications 2 Years After Terror Attack
02/17/2015     B’nai B’rith Condemns Attacks in Copenhagen on Synagogue and Free Speech Seminar; 
                     German Court Ruling in Synagogue Attack Seemingly Excuses Anti-Semitism
02/12/2015     B’nai B’rith Writes To Urban Outfitters CEO, Urging Discontinuation of Concentration Camp Uniform-Like Tapestry
02/04/2015     B’nai B’rith’s Statement on the Administration’s FY2016 Budget
02/03/2015     After Welcome Departure of Schabas, B’nai B’rith Demands Discontinuation of U.N. Gaza Probe
01/29/2015     B’nai B’rith Commemorates 2015 Holocaust Remembrance Day Across Latin America
01/21/2015     B’nai B’rith Welcomes First-Time U.N. General Assembly Meeting On Anti-Semitism
01/21/2015     B’nai B’rith Condemns ‘Preliminary Investigation’ Into War Crimes During Gaza Summer Conflict
01/20/2015     B’nai B’rith Commends The President For Focus On Issues High On Our Agenda
01/19/2015     B’nai B’rith Shocked And Deeply Saddened By Death Of Argentine Prosecutor In AMIA Case
01/14/2015     B’nai B’rith Commends Argentine Prosecutor for Pursuing Alleged AMIA Cover-Up by Top Government Officials
01/14/2015     Head of University Healthsystem Consortium to Receive National Healthcare Award
01/14/2015     Scholarship Available for Jewish Female Graduate Student
01/13/2015     German Women’s Soccer Team to Visit Israel
01/09/2015     B’nai B’rith Condemns Hostage Taking in Paris Kosher Market
01/08/2015     B’nai B’rith Opposes House Rule Change To Deny Disability Insurance Funding
01/07/2015     B’nai B’rith Strongly Condemns Paris Terror Attack on French Satirical Newspaper
01/01/2015     Publisher’s Omission Of Israel From Map Is Outrageous And Dangerous Pandering