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Unto Every Person There Is a Name: Prayer of Affirmation and Remembrance

Hanerot halalu anachu madlikin lezecher nishmot hak’doshim, chal’lei

Hashoah, Tartza”t Tasha”h

Shesh Million anashim v’nashim uvtocham milyonei y’ladim viy’ladot

Han’imim v’hane’ehavim b’chaychem uv’motam ha’achzar lo nifradu

K’doshim ut’horim, k’zohar harakiyah mazhirim….

Yhi zichronam lanetzach ul’olamim, lo yishakach korbanam g’vuratam uk’dushatam mimishpachti umitoch ami Yisroel.


We kindle these candles in sacred memory of the Holy Martyrs of the Holocaust, 5699-5705 1939-1945.

Six million men and women, and among them one and a half million innocent children.

Beloved and beautiful in their lives, and not even a cruel death could separate them.

Holy and pure, they shine as the brightness of the firmament….

May their memory live on for eternity and may their sacrifice, courage and Holy martyrdom be held precious and sacred, never to be forgotten in my family or amongst my people Israel.

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