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(Washington, D.C., May 19, 2022)—B’nai B’rith International today launched the first part of its groundbreaking report, “The Apartheid Slander Against Israel and the Ideological Distortion of Human Rights,” responding to the dangerous and false accusation that Israel is an “apartheid state.”

The outrageous and dangerous accusation has come from the United Nations and global human rights organizations, including recent reports from Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International.

To respond to these accusations, B’nai B’rith convened renowned international law experts who contributed to the report. Part One features essays from Eugene Kontorovich, a highly sought-after expert on international law and the Israel-Arab conflict; and Thane Rosenbaum, a law professor, legal and Middle East analyst, novelist, essayist and distinguished university professor at Touro University.

To mark the release of the report, B’nai B’rith CEO Daniel S. Mariaschin and Special Advisor on Latin American and U.N. Affairs Adriana Camisar are hosting a conversation with Kontorovich and Rosenbaum on May 24 at 12 p.m. ET on our Facebook page to analyze the charges and prove why they are patently false.

In his essay, “Israel Apartheid is the New Zionism = Racism,” Kontorovich exposes the methodological errors and faulty features of the HRW and Amnesty International reports and successfully challenges their credibility.

Rosenbaum’s essay, “The Terrorism of Untruths,” examines the threat the accusations leveled against Israel pose to the Jewish State and the Jewish people.

The full report can be read here on our website.

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