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Picture Tony Milgram

When I was given the opportunity to go to Geneva with B’nai B’rith to conduct advocacy at the UN Human Rights Council, I expected that it would be a once in a lifetime experience. 

Not only were my expectations exceeded, the trip left me with a profound interest and passion for continuing advocacy at the UN. I came into Geneva without much preexisting knowledge about the issues being discussed at this session of the UNHRC but was quickly brought up too speed. 

It was quite clear to see that B’nai B’rith staff and board members are passionate about what they do and want to get as many people involved. Speaking with ambassadors and permanent representatives of countries across the world gave me a new perspective from what I see on campus every day. 

As a Jewish student, particularly at a liberal campus in California, I witness heavy amounts of activism as it pertains to Israel. It was interesting and very important for me to understand the global perspectives and how my generation will fuel the conversation for years to come. 

I believe that B’nai B’rith’s mission is very important and absolutely necessary for Jewish people all over the world to understand. Whether it be acts of anti-Semistim or the Middle East peace process, B’nai B’rith does an excellent job of addressing these issues with the right people. 

I would like to thank B’nai B’rith and AEPi for making this opportunity a reality and I really hope that more and more students will be able to gain this kind of experience. What B’nai B’rith is doing is very important and the next generation of Jewish students and activists must take up the cause.